Video: Building the Wii 2

IGN has built their own Wii 2. Sort of. They’ve taken rough equivalents of components they believe will be in the system (based on what their sources have said) and then put together a computer with that hardware. This gives us a rough idea of how games could theoretically look on the new system. And you can see those results in the video above.

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iamnsuperman3023d ago

Wasn't there rumours of the hard drive being 8GB not 80GB??? Nice idea to try and build it but like they said about custom hardware and the strain the controller streaming may have leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Looking forward to E3. going to be good this year

Shok3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Good video IGN, and very fun idea.

But when it comes down to it, this test was pointless.
You're trying to see how powerful a console will be when

1) You're testing multiplats. You can play Call of Duty Black Ops on a PC that's 2 generations ahead of now and there still won't be any huge difference because the game was made for the weaker hardware. Like this video showed, only resolution and frame-rate will really be affected. A first party Nintendo title (let's say, Zelda) that was made specifically for the Wii 2 on it's SPECIALIZED hardware would blow those games out of the water.

2) If you were to make a PC EXACTLY equivalent to the parts in the 360, you'll see that it won't be able to do what the 360 does. Why? Because consoles are OPTIMIZED and dedicated to playing games. So if these parts of the Wii 2 are true, the actual system itself will be much stronger because of optimization and also the fact that Nintendo is using a REVAMPED and custom R700 processor. PC 360 parts =/= 360 power and Wii 2 PC parts =/= Wii 2 power.

But the fact that it can run in NATIVE 1080p and 60 FPS is till pretty telling.

OmegaSlayer3023d ago

Yeah, cool stuff, but a console very grounded in this gen and not looking in the future

matey3023d ago

Your right m8 when optimized the Wii2 will be comparable to a HD5000/6000 series easy and will eclipse the graphics shown on here plus the cpu will be clocked higher than 3.2ghz think 3.6 or 3.8 and with it using SM 4.1 and DX 10.1/11 it wont just blow the current consoles away but all PC games aswell.

Lirky3023d ago

This is interesting how hes showing the Wii2 its height is the biggest of any console ever.

ChickeyCantor3023d ago

You do realise its not the real hardware right?

RevXM3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Why not run some heavier games in this test?

Well its kind of pointless to build their "own" Wii 2 since its not going to be anything like that at all.

Not meaning like the hardware wont be comparable, but the games runned on Wii2 and PC with similar spec would look worlds apart...

Cant wait for E3.

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