DICE, Man Up And Show Us Console Footage Of Battlefield 3

GC: Yesterday Activision's hand was forced when Kotaku leaked Modern Warfare 3 for the world to see. Everything was leaked, from locations, to story, weapons and even the game's ending.

What followed was a barrage of MW3 teasers from Infinity Ward, leaving most of the gaming world wanting more. But there were some screens leaked in the process showing off some levels of the game that's still early in production, and the levels shown were yet being built. However you have Battlefield 3 fans roaming gaming sites, searching for COD threads to trash talk the game. Mind you, COD will sell infinitely more copies than BF3 for many reasons, one of them being the enjoyability of the game.

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iamnsuperman3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Yep....has anyone thought there might be a reason why we haven't seen console footage. If it was that good and "next gen" wouldn't a comparison trailer been shown (between PC, 360 and PS3). I know we are never going to see it until reviews appear which is a shame

movements3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Ah, here's a good article. DICE hasn't shown us NOTHING of Battlefield 3 on consoles, yet everyone's drooling over what we've seen.

It's deceptive, and I won't accept it. Show us console footage, and then we'll talk.

Pandamobile3020d ago

How is it deceptive? They're not trying to pass PC footage off as console footage.

They're just catering to their core group of fans first before showing the stripped down console versions.

ProjectVulcan3020d ago

They are just showing their product in it's very best light. Who can begrudge them that? BF3 is going to be incredible on PC, can't wait.

If you are a console gamer then you know it isn't going to look like that and you probably shouldn't be so bothered about the visuals.

DERKADER3020d ago

This is the exact opposite of Crysis 2. All they showed was console version and the PC version ended up being sub standard DX9 port. DICE is letting their PC community know that they are taking this game seriously.

kaveti66163020d ago

maybe DICE simply does not care about the console versions of the game, and are merely throwing a bone to the lazy, incompetent individuals who choose to stick with outdated technology while still demanding to see amazing-looking games that only high end computers can pull off.

I don't blame DICE for not showing console footage. Here they are making one of the most realistic-looking titles with amazing lighting and destruction, and therefore they don't want their beautiful baby to be overshadowed by two ugly console sister versions.

MariaHelFutura3020d ago

I love how liking nice graphics is taboo unless it`s a PC game.

kaveti66163020d ago

At this point in the console, life-cycle, console owners who demand to see games look as good as PC games are deluded and unreasonable.

T3AMRR3020d ago Show
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T3AMRR3020d ago Show
Trunkz Jr3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Stop acting like babies, PC gamers have to wait so long before they see PC footage or even screens when they get the console port, sometimes see nothing until after it's released on consoles.

I find it funny when PC gamers get the low end of the stick, console gamers don't give a crap, but when it's the other way around, they cry about them getting 64 players and no footage, seriously now...

trancefreak3018d ago

I got my rig waiting for this game! I dont think that my gtx 570hd superclocked will cut the highest settings but hopefully Ill be able to make some sacrifices.

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Dart893020d ago

My bet is they're gonna show it when a lot of people are watching aka E3.

trancefreak3018d ago

Yeah im sure and hope there will be some gameplay booths.

Punch-o3020d ago

Maybe they waiting til E3 to show some console footage.

KDubyah3019d ago

I thought it was already announced for DICE to show console footage at E3 ..
Iduno, maybe not, but I thought I seen it somewhere. Anyway, I agree with you.

-Mezzo-3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

I hope they will show the Console footage at Sony's E3 Conference.

@Pandamobile -- The only reason i believe that they'll show it at Sony's Conference is because EA has shown their Game footage at Sony's Conference at E3 2010. (I Can Certainly Be Wrong, As Showing It At Their Own Conference Makes More Sense).

Pandamobile3020d ago

Why the hell would they show it at Sony's? They'll most likely show it at EA's, because EA sort of owns the company making the game as well as the IP rights.

52pickup3020d ago

Of course they will show BF3 at Sony's conference same as they showed MOH last year at Sony's conference,even though they already showed MOH earlier in the day at the EA conference. Why do you think Activision show COD at MS conference?

Sony will support EA with BF3 while MS will support Activision with COD. Sony can't push COD so they will push BF3 to say hey we're supporting EA and this as our big shooter of choice.

Series_IIa3020d ago

How can you say Sony can't push Call of Duty when Black Ops is the best selling game ever on the PS3?

macewindex3020d ago

Isn't angry birds the best-selling game on the PS3? :P no lie

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