Why not make consoles we can upgrade?

In last week's mailbox Brandon Boyle contacted PSM3 to defend 'arty' games, which came under fire recently from God of War and Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe.

This week Ashley Edgcumbe asks if the big three console manufacturers should bridge the gap between home consoles and the PC by allowing users to upgrade their machines.

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xYLeinen3018d ago

It's against the purpose of being a console.

Dramscus3018d ago

It has failed many times in the past.

Besides who wants to buy console upgrades. I would much rather just purchase a new system every seven or eight years.

Redempteur3018d ago


we've already tried in the past ..remember the Memory pack for the n64 ?

the mess with the megadrive with the mega cd , the 32x ?

it doesn't work and it cut the base in 2 making the games stance a big mess

Anon19743018d ago

Yeah, people need to take a lesson from history. Console upgrades undermine the point of having a console.

Army_of_Darkness3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Console upgrade is a stupid idea.
Doing that will just divide the user base and sell less games for say, the more upgraded console because i doubt most casual to basic game players will want to fork out extra money just for those few extra pixel upgrades...

sikbeta3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )


Exactly and obviously the idea doesn't work, Sega and the N64 says it all...

DAS6923018d ago

...Has to change, because the PC is always progressing. Consoles need to as well. For example, the inferior versions of Crysis 2 and BF3. Having an upgradeable system isn't a bad idea, for the simple fact that you most likely WILL NOT have to buy separate components for ease of use. I still think it's a good idea, it just needs a bit of tweaking.

HolyOrangeCows3018d ago

One of the best parts of consoles is that they do impressive things despite being limited in power, thanks to the fact that the hardware is all unified and capable of the same things, thus allowing developers to get the most out of it.

Just give me great games designed to work well with the hardware I have.

Pillville3018d ago


Why doesn't something need to change? Console games sell more than PC games. Seems to me that people don't care if the consoles are a bit behind.

80% of the people that bought Crysis 2 on a console don't know that the PC version looks better, most would not be able to tell the difference.
The other 20% prefer the convenience of being able to pop in the disk and sit on the couch and play and not worry about hardware configurations, software configurations, resolutions, etc..... Not to mention the price of a decent gaming PC vs a console.

MaxXAttaxX3018d ago

Not just games but the user base is split as well.

PCs can be any type of system. But there is only ONE PS3 and 360.

I_find_it_funny3018d ago

go watch AVGN, he'll telly you why it sucks


DarkSpawnClone3018d ago

yeah i actually enjoy not having to upgrade my console..i really don't see why it's a big deal any way were still getiing great graphics from them,but im curious how next gen will be handled i hope we still have another 2-3 years!

wsoutlaw873018d ago

plus people wont like it if they just upgrade something and a ps4 or xbox 720 comes out. Consoles work because they are all the same and designed with the purpose of gaming in mind.

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BiggCMan3018d ago

Yea exactly, but the biggest reason is that it will split the user base, and that is the worst thing you can do.

jjohan353018d ago

DLC is already doing that to multiplayer games, unfortunately.

rdgneoz33018d ago

@ jjohan35 DLC might be doing it to MP games, but this would split the SP, co-op, and MP user base.

SolidStoner3018d ago

I so much agree with "jjohan35"... I hate when MP games do this, it ruins all gameplay, like with COD, everytime DLC hits, I stop playing it.. :( stupid milking..

Downtown boogey3018d ago

Consoles are supposed to deliver the same gaming experience to everyone equally. It also helps developers to make more optimized game engines.

Scyrus3018d ago

this is true guys, it does split the user base, but wouldn't simple upgrades be a good choice? I mean the Userbase is split when someone opts to not buy a dsi compared to a Dslite.

what i mean by simple upgrade is something like Ram being upgradable. The pc3 and 360 graphically are fine, but they could definatly use a new ram upgrade.

honestly I hope next gen doesnt come soon because that just means longer dev times for most games and possible 65-70$ price tag which i dont care for.

still besides simple ram and hard drive upgrades I think upgrades should only be a new console. not upgrades like graphics that would be odd.

Tsar4ever013018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

That's what I've been saying about consoles system RAM being able to be updated/or expanded. The whole system don't have to be upgraded. SYSTEM RAM limitations has ALWAYS been the biggest complaint from developers on why their games couldn't be run this smooth or texture bit mapping could be that much better. SO if consoles of the future could be built with motherboards that have system RAM expansion slots. Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo could make their own properity RAM chips to allow console owners to extend the system RAM on their consoles something like the hdd drives except the RAM chips are all properity

madjedi3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

@tsar Okay so now developers have to code 6 different versions of a game the pc, wii2, regular ps3, expanded ps3, regular 360 and expanded 360.

Since they have to use both system and gpu memory to run games, people are complaining about dev costs, the only this will do is increase the price of ps3/360 games.

Sounds nice but not practical in reality, or even worth considering since it not happening as long technology evolves as fast as it does.

The kiss mentality is perfect for console upgrades, ram upgrades aren't. The biggests problem i want to see gone next gen is load times, maybe ssd's will be practical by then.

Niether sony or ms are memory chip manufacturers, proprietary usually = costly, you want mass produced hardware it's cheaper and usually better quality do to countless revisions.

STONEY43018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

This really is a stupid idea. If someone really cares about being up-to-date graphically and is bothered to wait 6 or so years for each console cycle, BUILD A PC. It's defeating the point of the console, and we'll have overpriced branded add-ons from the big three. And without the modding freedom, or the thousands of other everyday and work-related uses for a desktop.

xAlmostPro3018d ago

Why buy a console if you want a gaming system you can upgrade -_- get a PC

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Pandamobile3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Why, so Sony and Microsoft can peddle overpriced performance add-ons?

If people want a console, they buy a static hardware gaming console.

If people want the freedom to upgrade and change whatever they want, they buy a PC.

Soldierone3018d ago

I think Microsofts HDD for 360 is proof enough for your point too.

mastiffchild3018d ago

Yeah, and all the daft Sega add ons of the past. Besides that you can, as with the Sega add ons, split your user base and confuse people into the bargain creating a ton of pissed off customers and devs not knowing WHERE their market is and tending to make games for the lowest common denominator.

People buy a console demanding(nopt just expecting)to be able to play ALL the games made for it and upgrading goes against the out of the box mentality that people have when buying a console. They don't want or expect this kind of thing when buying a console should be the end if it and if they did they'd tend towards a PC to start with if they're a single platform gamer and even I, , as someone who likes PC and console gaming, wouldn't want to have to upgrade my consoles-it's just a crap business model and not what I expect from console gaming. Think of the gnashing of teeth when MS left buyers of the new slim 4gig 360s unable to play co-op in Reach? That would happen EVERY week if upgrading consoles became more prevalent.

Like people wishing there was only one games platform(and therefore a Monopoly-where people ALWAYS get ripped off and competition doesn't push anyone)asking for console upgrades by a gamer is like turkeys voting for Xmas to come three times a year(or thanksgiving in the US).

krazykombatant3018d ago

I believe that would be apple.. Overpriced shit is their area of expertise.

maxmill3018d ago

having the best computers with the best software id say otherwise

krazykombatant3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

@ maxmill, just cuz their OS is sleek and it doesn't crash as much isn't totally a shoe in. They make everyone pay for simple things you can find in a PC. You dish out $500-$1000 (depending on how much you put into a pc). Just to have the apple logo on it. get off your high horse.


It's fairly obvious that apple have become douchebags with their recent adverts ie: if you don't have an iphone you don't have an iphone.

Surfaced3018d ago

It has been done.

See: Sega Genesis.

Genesis proved upgrades were detrimental to a console's ability to succeed. Console consumers want a streamlined, simple product. Upgrades complicate things while providing benefits that are generally only taken advantage of by first-party developers.

Similar situation with the N64's memory expansion.

Soldierone3018d ago

HDD for PS2. Only game I think that took advantage of it was GTA?

Surfaced3018d ago

GTA used it? Well, probably not much.

No, in the end, the only games that truly utilized the HDD were the SOCOM titles and Square's Final Fantasy XI.

The HDD was discontinued in 2004.

DlocDaBudSmoka3018d ago

only one i can think of is Final fantasy XI

FredEffinChopin3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

It came with, and was used only for Final Fantasy XI. The only other game that let you do anything with it was (I think) Socom 2, players were able to get some extra stage or two.

It's a special case though, it wasn't so much a system addon for developers to use advantageously, it was just to be able to play FFXI on the PS2.

Soldierone3018d ago

Yeah it made it so you could streamline between cities, instead of it randomly loading on you.

I was just adding to your point either way haha. Other than that it was only used for hacks

iNFAMOUZ13018d ago

Sega and ng4 never did such a thing, I know cause I own them both, they are talking about upgrades as in internal parts not external hdd's

jerethdagryphon3018d ago

main reason it splits user base

is ps5 had updragable gpu ram and hdd then games would have to be made and optimized to assume that buyers didnt have them

Newtype3018d ago

WTF? Just buy a computer.