Violence in Games - Special Report

Whether it's the banning of Rockstar's Manhunt 2, the requested editing of Codemasters' Clive Barker's Jericho, the hot coffee scandal that recently enveloped Grand Theft Auto or the recently announced government investigation into the issue, violence in games has never been a bigger issue than it is now.

As part of this ongoing debate, MCV's Violence in Games Special investigates some of the factors surrounding the debate.

Firstly, MCV spoke to child psychologist Dr Amanda Gummer about the polarisation of the debate, and the reality that everyone is different. Gummer told MCV: "I would argue that there are some children who could play the most violent games without experiencing any increase in aggression, whereas there are others who will be violent regardless of the type of games they play."

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mighty_douche4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

that dude loves his violence....

this whole thing is pointless, if a game has 18 on the side its for adults only, if parents buy these games for their children then its there fault what comes of it, not the games companies.

EDIT... Haahaha, there you are! know youd be here sooner or later! nice post to!

MK_Red4018d ago

I'm here :) Was reading the article and responses.

I just love violence in games and have been like this since I was 13 and in the following decade, I've tried to buy as many M rated games as possible.

The funny thing is that my parents knew about those games and while I played most of them, I never picked a fight in high school and other places. I never hurt animals and can't stand blood in real life. Don't swear and try to be as polite as possible.

The thing about adult content (Violence, Language and sex) in games is that the parents must understand and know their child and then decide. Also, they must be open minded. Seriously, seeing a man fighting woman in Tekken is unacceptable and must be banned!!?? What will that idiot mother do if she sees her son playing MK (Mortal Kombat)?

lynx1halo4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

I do honestly believe a standardized ratings system for games is required ....however the ultimate..and in the end most important one should be the parents...I mean honestly how many issues...and incidents can they pin on videogames? from murders to depression to antisocial behavior...theyve stuck it all on games ....ive slashed many a throat in games...and have yet to do it in real life

Timesplitter144018d ago

IMO it's because parents don't want to feel responsible if something happens

MK_Red4018d ago

Awesome comment Timesplitter14. Bubbles for you.

Many parents are always looking for ways to avoid responsibility. They always want to put the blame on something from outside of the family. Movies, books, music and now games.

Timesplitter144018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

“I would argue that there are some children who could play the most violent games without experiencing any increase in aggression, whereas there are others who will be violent regardless of the type of games they play.”

That's exactly what I think. But I'm certain that the kids who become violent represent 5% or less of all gamers. And that 5% would be the exact same 5% of the non-gamers who are violent

lynx1halo4018d ago

that is the whole point in that parents try to take credit for the good situations and pawn off the responsibility when the sh!t hits th fan......its like i always say...look at dahmer...bundy...manson...IF YOU ARE BORN A KILLER IT IS NOT YOUR ENVIRONMENT THAT CAUSES IT....ITS IN YOU ALL ALONG!!!

Sam Fisher4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

"Blame canada, Blame canada" (4 those who r unfamiar with this quote its from south park the movie)

seriously i blame mortal kombat.....f***ing americans
Toastie!!! (from mortal kombat when u uppercut the male/female of the opposing side u will hear a man say "Toastie" and also see that man at the buttom right corner of ur screen)

MK_Red4018d ago

Wow, I feel sorry for the kid whose mother has banned Tekken because of Man fighitng Woman. Seriously, some parents are dumb.

I really feel sorry for the kid. No Tekken, no Dead of Alive, no MK(Mortal Kombat) and no Soul Calibur!? In my book, this is CHILD ABUSE. I understand GTA and Manhunt but Tekken!!!????

GLoRyKnoT4018d ago

Most would agree of the effects upon an individual as for just what effects one, does not another.

If you are violent in nature, such action or images could make you more so. Yet, since this does not apply to my personality. I would prefer not to pay for others lack of parenting and or breeding.
Furthermore, I find a larger concern with all the 3 year olds that are conveniently allowed to view PG13 films. Not inept unto hold a game controller (yet)they are plopped down nevertheless.
This (America) should be of far greater concern. Yet, what to do. How about, don’t do it to your child. Remember, who’s the parent after all. Good day.