Gamer's Corner: Dungeon Siege III - The Four Protagonists

Gamer's Corner takes a close look at the four playable characters in Obsidian's upcoming game; "KATARINA is our pick of the bunch, despite having the least exciting name. She's a feisty one, with more in common with Call of Duty than a traditional hack and slash game. Unusually she is armed at range with a rifle, switching to dual pistols or a shotgun up close. Being the illegitimate daughter of a Legion commander and a witch you can expect that she might have a little bit of magic up her sleave. Expect to mix up a deadly combo of curses and hot lead at range. She also appears to be the only 'pet class' in the game, summoning a black hound to fight alongside her. Falling somewhere between Lara Croft and Morrigan, she's our choice for the first playthrough."

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terrordactyl3021d ago

Looks good doesn't it? A return to a golden age of gaming.