Keep your Gears of War 3 Beta Unlocks

If you want to hang on to any of your retail unlocks earned during the Beta, please do not delete your Gears 3 Beta saved games—you can delete the Beta executable itself, but hang on to those saves! (Step-by-step details below.) Thanks again for playing, and we’ll see you again on September 20!

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Headquarters113024d ago

Not buying that garbage ass game so don't care.

newhumanbreed3024d ago

lol I've seen your comments. You don't even own a 360. You also love Call of Duty. Gears of War 3 is garbage? Yea, and Call of Duty is not a rehash every year.

Headquarters113024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

I don't love Call of Duty. I like it, not to the point that I play it everyday though. I play all games for both systems. But this game is garbage like I said. Its community is composed of COD retards that know nothing about teamwork.

There are other TPS games that are way better than this one. But I won't mention them since I don't want to hurt your feelings any more :)

Have fun getting raped all day with that OP sawed off! LMAO

HacSawJimThugin3024d ago

"There are other TPS games that are way better than this one. But I won't mention them since I don't want to hurt your feelings any more :)"

Yea right...LMMFAO!! If you did know of any other TPS half as good as Gears you would of named them but you can't because they do not exist.

People love to counter that claim with Drake but in my opinion, Drake is okay nothing special. The animations, executions, gore, and headshots are the best in the industry. Numbers don't lie just look at the pre-orders for Gears 3. The beta has more polish than most retail releases(Brink If you don't like Gears fine, more of the same is around the corner and that shhh takes no skill to play at all. Kills are determined by who sees who first...LAME!!!


Only amateur dicks get raped by the sawn off, you must be wank at Gears 3 (if you've even played it). If you don't like the game then why bother spending precious seconds from ur important little life by slaying it off, what a pathetic cock you really are. You can reply back because I don't care because as soon as I've typed this I'm going to carry on with my life and forget about the whole of this comments section by playing abit more of the Gears3 beta. Enjoy you fantastic life you massive prick.

Therealspy033024d ago

only noobs think the sawed off is OP. it has no range, i has a slow reload, you get one shot at a time, and you get 4 bullets. regular shotgun is a much better, more versatile weapon. u mad cuz u bad.

xstation793024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

You care enough to come into this article about it. It doesn't matter what people say about gears 3. I haven't been this excited for 1 game in a really long time.

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jdoggystyyle3024d ago

stfu sony shit stick.
This game owns anything on ps3 HANDS DOWN.
Go back to ur psn and play...................
oh wait..nvm YOU CANT

news4geeks3024d ago

I'm currently helping a friend work on an aimbot for this game. Makes the online a lot more fun.

Series_IIa3024d ago

The Beta was so much fun.

They just need to sort the shotgun out though, quite overpowered and way over used.

newhumanbreed3024d ago

I hate the sawed-off shotgun. They need to get rid of it. The Gnasher makes things a lot more fun where the sawed-off shotgun is just annoying because of the one hit kill or down..

iistuii3024d ago

At very close range, otherwise it's pants.

newhumanbreed3024d ago

That makes the Gnasher useless though. When someone with a Gnasher goes up against a sawed-off, the sawed-off comes out on top due to it being so overpowered. All 3 assault rifles are balanced. I just hope they get rid of it.

MSpence5163024d ago

>Assault rifles balanced
>Retro is like an automatic gnasher

Somehow I don't believe that you have even played the beta.

maniacmayhem3024d ago

What I don't understand is at close range the gnasher and the sawed off do the same one hit kill damage. They should come up with a new weapon and get rid of the sawed off.

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