Modern Warfare 3: 5 things we want & 5 things we don’t

As with every game there are certain things gamers want and certain things gamer really don’t want. Call of Duty has some of the most loyal fans in the gaming industry and these are the things we want/don’t want in the highly anticipated sequel.

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NukaCola3019d ago

I can tell you one thing I don't want to see: Another COD game. It's every year and they are all the same. If this one had a new engine, I mean look at SKYRIM, using a new better engine, doing new and better things. COD still doing the same crap over and over.

movements3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Ah hold up NukaCola. What you want, BF games? let me see... battlefield 1,2,3, bad company 1,2,and all the other 1497s etc....

I say bring on MW3. And unless DICE shows us some real console footage, they have nothing.

RedDead3019d ago

Yeah but they aren't the same game except slightly worse every time. Cod comes out every year with superbly minor changes for full price, may aswell be DlC for Cod 4...oh but lets not for 15 map packs...

evrfighter3019d ago

top 5 things I want

bf3 x 5

NukaCola3019d ago

@ Movements

I don't really want BF3 either. But it is making an effort to move out of 2006 technology. But MW3 can screw off. I'll just watch the ending on Youtube to see how the story played out.

That week I am scooping up SKYRIM and Uncharted 3. Call me crazy, but I choose innovation over repetition. And I kind of have a hard on for quality and creativity.

jaosobno3019d ago

Hell, the only thing I want are equal console versions. Black ops on ps3 was terrible. Make it equal and MAKE IT 720p (no more of that sub HD 600p crap).

Games that are light years ahead of COD when it comes to graphics have 720p, so what's the problem Bobby? Low on cash? Doubt it you little greedy piggy.

--------3018d ago

1.Call Of Duty
2.Call Of Duty
3.Call Of Duty
4.Call Of Duty
5.Call Of Duty

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chriski3333019d ago

man we all know there will be no beta no new engine glitches up the ass way over powered weapons and stupid perks that will be unbalanced

Sono4213018d ago

How about you add some commas to your list?

GameGambits3018d ago

#1 for me is dedicated servers
#2 is a beta test

If neither happen then Activision isn't getting my money this year, especially with how good BF3 looks.

Vherostar3018d ago

I want them to remove OP killstreaks that would be a start I am not a huge fan of the COD games thanks to these things. Dont get me wrong spy planes and turrets are fine but things like gun ships and attack dogs?? Some people are just too good at COD as they play WAYY too much as it is and killstreaks like them just make them even harder to defeat it also encourages camping to build killstreaks which ruins the experience. So don't remove them completely just make more useful-less deadly killstreaks.

FunkMcnasty3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

Bubbles to you for making up your own word: "useful-less." That is just awesomely retarded.

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mrv3213019d ago

Do not:

1. The sam engine
2. The same QA team
3. The same game
4. COD
5. COD

Serjikal_Strike3019d ago

then you might wanna skip this one

mrv3213019d ago

Yeah, but honestly, I want a lot of people to buy it... not because it deserves it just so they don't all go on battlefield 3 and not do team work stuff.

Or atleast there should be a veteran mode in B3 in which is you own 1942/Battlefield 2 OR have over X amount of team points you get to join a specific match type with similar players.

Serjikal_Strike3018d ago

I like your idea about the veteran mode...
but yeah I dont want them in Bf3 either

iNFAMOUZ13019d ago

5 things I want and dont

I want
1. No more cod
2. No more cod
3. No more cod
4. No more cod
5. No more cod

Now five things I don't want
1. I don't want cod
2. I don't want cod
3. I don't want cod
4. I don't want cod
5. I don't want cod

Karlnag33019d ago

Perhaps you'd like to try some salmon? Maybe some sea bass?

anubis563019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I want actual cutscenes and cenimatics instead of depending solely on stupid scripted events!

InLaLaLand3018d ago

Black Ops didn't have the near death moments at the end like MW, MW2 and WAW which I thought was good.

Hopefully the USA missions are not tacked on like in MW2.

1998gamer3019d ago

When we're talking about CoD, Its not about what you want and what you don't want.

Its about what they'll give you and what you'll settle for all the while paying a premium.

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