Retro Reveal: The Nintendo GameCube

With Nintendo set to reveal the Wii's successor in just three weeks, NoTR takes a look back at previous Nintendo console reveals starting with the Nintendo GameCube.

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CrzyFooL3018d ago

Gamecube had the best graphics of that gen.... and then Nintendo...................... ..

GameTavern3018d ago

I always thought the Xbox was the most powerful of the 3?

pepsilover_20073018d ago

i think it was kinda of a tie because the gamecube was able to do more with what it had because they designed it with faster ram and a much more efficient graphical processor so they were about even, except for, if i remember right, was texturing but it was very close

Titanz3018d ago

The system is very durable though(I dropped that sucker so many times xD).

jacksonmichael3017d ago

Should've used the handle...