Japanese Toy Retailer Lists Robin For Batman: Arkham City The Japanese toy retailer Monster Japan has listed a 'Batman: Arkham City Robin + Joker Batman Legacy Pack' on their online store.

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user8586213022d ago

He best not be in the damn game!!! if he is he best be dead in the first 5 minutes!!

Yi-Long3022d ago

... who sucked.

Comicbook Robin is a great character (Tim Drake) and would be a welcome addition to the game as far as I'm concerned.

...and maybe he's only there for a couple of Challenge-maps with his own moves or something.

reznik_zerosum3022d ago

batman serial should be datk and serious,but with gay robin its more pokemon

DaBadGuy3022d ago

I'm betting you only play as Batman in the Tanker Mission but then for the rest of the game you play as Robin.

Quagmire3022d ago

If they were planning to reveal Robin in Arkham City during E3, then this is a pretty annoying spoiler.

JeepGamer3022d ago

I'd rather have the Cassandra Cain Batgirl myself, but I suppose Robin is okay.

People who are going 'omg I don't like Robin' either don't have much of a concept for what Robin can do or don't really get the role he serves. Robin is not Batman and would never claim to be, he understands perfectly that the scope of his abilities is purely defined by what he can do to help out Batman.

cyborg69713022d ago

Your right from the comments above it's pretty obvious that none of them have read any Batman in their lives.

Give me some nightwing.

Enigma_20993020d ago

I think they grew up watching Adam West... that's got to be the reason. No... that can't be it. If it was, They'd want to get rid of Batman too...

They don't seem to understand how much skill you gotta possess just to hang with Batman.