Rumor: Will Nintendo punk us with the Wii?

'Nintendo has been playing us the fool all along. They have been showing us trailers for games that have deliberately downgraded graphics compared to what the Wii can actually do. This is to create an element of surprise for the press during Nintendo's next media event.'

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Marriot VP5027d ago (Edited 5026d ago )


it's nintendo, everybody knows it's a childs console. You guys don't but it is to everybody else.

wakkiwakko5026d ago

Enough of your "childish" garbage. You don't like the console then don't comment. Unless you want to look like an assh0le, then, right now, you're doing a fantastic job.

BIadestarX5027d ago

who knows maybe, only if we forget all about the size of the wii. And pretend that the wii it's made with super advance nano technology from the future which by the way it is from another galaxy (Alien technology to be more specific).

DC RID3R5027d ago

I hear what your saying bro, but, apparently, the wii isn't to be underestimated !!
can't wait for red steel!!!

Marriot VP5026d ago

Well I'm not underestimating it, it'll do around as well as the gamecube. And if so Nintendo said they'd stop making consoles cause they need this to be a big success.

T-Rac5026d ago

The Wii will be awesome for drunken partys

I mean what would you rather do play 4 way tennis and having to actually do the actions or watching your friend go through on his own in Metal Gear Solid 4

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The story is too old to be commented.