Shadowlocked - Outland Review

Shadowlocked - Recently released for the XBOXLA and forthcoming for the PSN, Outland is a beautifully surreal 2D platformer that manages to both subvert and fulfil expectations. At its core, Outland is a side-scroller that harks back to the old days of gaming where the simple pleasures of running, jumping and sliding across the screen was all the entertainment a gamer needed. In today’s crowded, story-driven triple A market of games, Outland is decidedly refreshing. On the surface, it’s immediately comparable to the old Prince of Persia games, but its closer to Super Metroid and Castlevania than either of these; there are numerous occasions throughout the gameplay when you’ll be required to go back to a level you’ve already visited, opening up doors that were previously unavailable to you. Unlike Metroid and Castlevania, though, navigating your way back to these points is straightforward thanks to a nifty teleportation ability, cutting out potentially hours of backtracking and saves you testing your memory to its limits.

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