PC Gamer - BioWare: Mass Effect 3 has no new love interests

PC Gamer - Last month Tom spoke to executive producer on the Mass Effect series, Casey Hudson, about your romance options in Mass Effect 3. While ME3 will introduce new characters, including new squadmates, Casey says all your romance options will be with familiar faces. And since all the romance options from Mass Effect 1 are back as full time squadmates, many players are going to have some awkward moments when their old flame meets the new squeeze.

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Newtype3023d ago

Lucky I stayed faithful to Liara.

Eternus3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

It wouldn't make much sense to me if they introduced a new love interest in the final chapter. The series is about carrying over choices and developing relationships over the games.

Aloren3022d ago

It depends on how new it is. Shiala or Gianna would make sense.

Tony P3022d ago

The only real point to introducing a new girl is because gamers are used to being treated like Captain Kirk in BioWare's games: new girl in every port.

I think what ME3 intends to do is an incredibly refreshing turn in gaming in general that the player isn't able to harem his way through ME without some meaningful drama. It's just better and more believable storytelling.

dragunrising3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Hit the nail on the head. I totally agree, although Bioware left a couple of exceptions in for good measure. In Mass Effect 2 you can also get it on with Ms. Tattoo lady and your secretary. The relationships are meaningless but there.

Regardless, the fact remains that Mass Effect allows your character to develop romances that are worth caring about. Its hard for games and movies to add romance without it feeling artificial and/or superficial but Mass Effect gets it right.

Personally, I'm curious whats going to happen with my character. I romanced Liara in ME1 and Tali in ME2. There might be some drama in ME3 :-p All joking aside, I really liked Tali's character. The dialog was fun and she seemed like the type of girl/alien I would get along with. Kind of weird to say...

Vortex3D3022d ago

What if you reload the last part of ME2 save before going to the final battle and break off the relationship with your love interest? Does that count has still being faithful to ME1 love interest.

Aloren3022d ago

Woohoo, Tali is back.

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