Could inFamous 2 See A Delay Due To PSN Outage?

With Sony’s online services currently offline for PS3 gamers, one of the most important phases of inFamous 2′s development is unavailable for beta testing.Could the downtime effect inFamous 2′s June 7th debut?

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iamnsuperman3023d ago

In a way I hope so because I can't afford the game right now and will not until late June and if i can't enjoy it no-one can :).I kid. Possibility but lets hope PSN comes up soon

LOGICWINS3023d ago

Yeah, I hear ya. I already have this one paid for, but I only buy two games a year at full price.

iamnsuperman3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I would love more games but this year I only have enough money to live on. So far the only game I have bough is LBP2. I was planning to buy Killzone but couldn't because I had no money. I got a lot of catching up to do in August (when I next get paid)

Whitefeather3023d ago

Super man give me your wishlist I'll buy inFamous 2 for ya.

Serjikal_Strike3023d ago

Nooooooo....this game needs to come out in June... all I ask for is a good summer game and this is it!

Whitefeather3023d ago

Yeah not many good summer games, from what has on record it looks like No More Heroes is also a summer game.

NateCole3023d ago

Its possible. I really wouldn't mind a couple of days or weeks because of the delay with the beta.

KidBroSweets23023d ago

ummm psn is back up now so no it won't be delayed

sorceror1713022d ago

I'm sure Sucker Punch wants as much testing as they can get, but honestly the mission stuff is pretty polished already. They'll probably get it out on time.