Top 10 Things I Want to See in Portal 3

Most gamers have completed Portal 2′s single player and co-op modes by now and we’re ready for more. Valve has already promised summer DLC for the game, but what about the next entry?

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maxcavsm3019d ago

Not sure how there can BE a next entry...but I suppose anything's possible...

Dramscus3019d ago

There totally can be but this article missis it entirely.

I think their going to tie Chel's release in with the war on the combine.

We haven't heard anything about halflife three because they had to wait till after portal 2.

I wouldn't be surprised if half life three came out and you ended up playing as both freeman and chel in a game with an ingenious mix of action and puzzles.

B-Real2063019d ago

Really??? are we asking this already!!!! Give it a couple years.

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Pikajew3019d ago

We probably won't have Portal 3 because Valve never makes third installments to great games

il-mouzer3019d ago

portal 2 has been out for barely a couple of months and people are already thinking about the next game?

Valve aren't ubisoft or activision, they don't milk their franchises for the easy money