Pre-Order Dark Souls, Get Automatic Upgrade to Collector’s Edition

Dark Souls, the spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls, will follow in its predecessor’s footsteps in many ways. The difficulty, the visual art style, and the fact that it’ll be released in limited supply and both regular and collector’s editions will sell out extremely fast. So fast, we suggest you pre-order Dark Souls now. If you do choose to pre-order, you’ll get an automatic upgrade to the collector’s edition of the game, for free

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KingDustero3019d ago

No need to thank me guys.:p I emailed customer service about this Thursday and they said they've have it fixed soon. I'm glad they've clarified it.

I was alway going to get the game on day one, but if Amazon wasn't going to offer the collector's edition then I would've gone somewhere else.

Anyways now all we have to do is wait until October.

Also don't forget guys, once an OFFICIAL release day is announced Amazon will have $0.99 release day delivery for the game.

BiggCMan3019d ago

To anyone reading this. I am in desperate need of some help in Demon's Souls. When PSN is back up, feel free to add me if you wouldn't mind helping. My PSN I.D is the same as this. I really look forward to Dark Souls though, Demon's Souls, no matter how much of a pain is an amazing game, and i'm sure this will be just as good if not better.

flyingmunky3019d ago

Where all did you get stuck and what soul level are you on?

JAMurida3019d ago

I thought they shut the servers down back in March?

Resistance_lord3019d ago

No They Kept them on till..I Don't know when, Because Alot of people still play it Hardcore.

Celeras3019d ago

The reason Amazon is going this is because the collectors edition is ALREADY going to be sold at the same price as the normal edition. They announced this, its just going to be limited.

So dont think this is some kind of special Amazon deal.

Myst3019d ago

Oh shi-- I need to pre-order!

JMyers3019d ago

Already pre-ordered. I got this nice surprise in my inbox.

pixelsword3019d ago

I'll likely preorder, but I'm still enjoying Demon's Souls!

RedDead3019d ago

Wait..isn't the collectors edition the same price as the regular one?

flyingmunky3019d ago

For right now it seems it is. I just placed my pre-order today in case amazon changes its mind later.

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The story is too old to be commented.