Carmack finds DS underpowered compared to phones

In a recent interview John Carmack's wife, Anna Kang, boss of Fountainhead, (the studio that's involved in id's mobile and DS games) she had some choice words about her and her husband's experience of porting Orcs and Elves from mobiles to DS.

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SL1M DADDY4017d ago

What do you get when a PC developer starts to port games to other devices…? A whole lot of complaining. Sorry, but as much as I like his games, he is one of the industries biggest complainers.

Capt CHAOS4017d ago

But only his words are printed because of his background and pioneering work in FPSs.

WilliamRLBaker4017d ago

john carmack thinks the DS is underpowered compred to phones? rghtttttt....

PS360WII4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

no guys his wife thinks that. In an interview HE did he like the idea of making engines for the DS for it reminded him of back in the day and all the problems they had with the tech back then and when working on something similar he knows how to tackle the problem now even better than before.

This is also one line from probably a 2 page interview, but they decided to just work on one line of dialogue for more hits. Kind of like that interview with the Silent Hill MUSIC director talking about the game and this that and how he would like to work on the Wii, but wait his next line is great copy, paste, and now Silent Hill says Wii is not hardcore. He wasn't even saying that he said the audience for Silent Hill probably doesn't play Silent Hill.

Ah the price for hits.

Snipes204017d ago

Every few weeks, they would make the most powerful handheld possible-and ruin their business in the process. Cell phones also have MEMORY cards for extra backup and a fairly large internal "drive" for something so small because people download all sorts of media on their phones. A DS is made for games, not media, so it's no surprise that cell phones have an advantage in that area. What about screen size, control options, etc? The DS wins hands down compared to cell phones-Oh, and it is cheaper and more reliable than the high end phones that run these games well.