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Brink has so many different things going for it. The SMART system is implemented very well and definitely adds a whole new aspect to your standard FPS. With so many different customization routes it is truly an interesting title to play, but it is a bit depressing that level progression is capped at such a level that players must make more than one character with no way to alternate between characters during play. Splash Damage is currently aware of the lag issues and is working on a way to repair them, so hopefully within a short time matches will not suffer critical lag spikes during full player matches. Brink is a shining example of what can be done to make a FPS different, if only that shine wasn’t marred with many different issues.

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Oschino19073016d ago

Game is def better then most review give it credit, for what i expected it has thus far delivered. Cant wait to try it when i get back on PSN soon. Great community going on the Splash Damage site for anyone interested or looking for others to join up with.
Most of the gripes are unfounded and show reviewers only spent a short time on the game and didnt take the time to let it all sink in and get used to this BRAND NEW fps gameing experiance.

Oh and seriously even on consoles graphics are not bad at all just not the best out there, but overall a great variation of different color schemes and enviroments with more to come in future DLC in which some is confirmed to be FREE!

Elimin83016d ago

True but I was really looking forward to a good story. Brink's story is weak.. But love the multy!

Oschino19073016d ago

No No No, The SP portion is shallow and lacking, the Story is great especially when you start unlocking all the audio diaries of different characters, really makes you think and want to know more and more about everyones views of the situation. DLC has the potential to be great!

sickbird3016d ago

i keep trying to play but the lag is god awful on 360.

PandaJenkins3016d ago

I think it has been far better today than it was the past few days.