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Daniel from Zeitgeist Game Review says:
I’ve spent the last few days playing through Splash Damage and Bethesda’s latest shooter Brink, and I think after playing it the best emotion that can describe my feelings towards it is that I’m upset. The concept, graphics and game-play are solid and give the game a strong Team Fortress 2 feel combined with maybe Mirror’s Edge. That really got me excited as I’ve been looking for a good TF2 replacement, but the execution and performance of the game really brings the entire experience down.

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Whitefeather3018d ago

I don't know why this is getting bad reviews....I like it.

Son_Lee3018d ago

Lots of good games get bad reviews this generation. More so than any generation before. It really baffles me. Take Alpha Protocol for instance. It got trashed in reviews, but out of every game released last year, it was probably the one I enjoyed the most over everything else.

Elimin83018d ago

Like it too but this review nailed it on the head... Multy is fun though...

Whitefeather3018d ago

The problem with this gen is everything is getting compared to everything and if it doesn't match up it must be worse.

ZGRDaniel3017d ago

I gave Alpha Protocol a good review.

Ducky3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

The review scores are poor due to the 360 version having more or less crippled online. The 360 version is also what is primarily used as a review copy.
That, and people seem to have an issue with the friendly AI being stupid (it is designed that way to ensure that the game doesn't play itself for you... there is an incoming patch that will improve the AI).

Considering that the MP is the focus of the game, a laggy online is a pretty big blow and the low scores are justified. (How such a big problem managed to sneak into the final code is beyond me.)
What isn't justified is the score being applied to all platform versions of the game.

Anyways, the review is correct. If those technical issues are fixed, Brink will be a great game.
I have the PC version which doesn't suffer from any big technical issue, and am enjoying it a lot. =)

Elimin83018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

I haven't experienced any tearing or lag on the PS3 version..

Whitefeather3018d ago

Thing is I played it on PS3, offline, on Hard. So far the AI is annoying as hell but as you said otherwise it would be a cakewalk. In my opinion though so far it's worth the money I paid for it and I haven't even played online yet.

Ducky3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

The AI steal heals you, and that to me is the most important thing.
Nothing is more annoying than lying on the ground, watch a medic boost others and himself while ignoring you.
I'd take a bot medic over most human ones.

Oh well, PSN seems to be coming back online. Hopefully the online is smooth for you fellas.

jut4203018d ago


You've played online with no lag? Sorry if it's a dumb question, just wanted to make sure you didn't mean single player framerate issues. I've been wanting to pick this up, but like FatOldMan said, the reviews and reports of laggy online on 360 and PSN being down have held me back from buying.

Elimin83018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

@ jut420.. Yup.. Jumped right in after I changed PW!

@ FatOldMan " the most important thing.
Nothing is more annoying than lying on the ground, watch a medic boost others and himself while ignoring you. " Hehe.. So true but bots do take their sweet time though!

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PandaJenkins3018d ago

People really shouldn't avoid this game because of some technical issues. The lag was horrendous but today it was far far better for the most part. My problem with the online currently is getting into full enough games. Yet to experience a true 8v8 game with human players. Most of my matches are 50%+ bots, in which the A.I can be infuriating at times.

The core gameplay however is fantastic. I love the complexity, the team focus, and the different class objectives. The customization is great too. Been really addicted even with the few faults this game has. Just hoping I can experience some full human MP matches soon enough.

ZGRDaniel3017d ago

If the technical problems are patched this will be a great game (which I say in the video). But the tech problems really drug me out of the gaming experience and brought me down. I'd wait to purchase it until there is confirmation the issues have been resolved... Plus the game will likely be cheaper then.