PEOWW - revisiting Tony Hawk Pro Skater

PEOWW takes a look at the game that started it all. The genre-changing extreme sports title that taught gamers what a kickflip was.

Played on a PSP via PopStation.

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NukaCola3025d ago

Thinking back to this and THPS2, and what quality they were...Has Activision every not milked a franchise to death and not killed it? COD seems to survive, but Acti will make a good game, then milk the hell out of it until people finally get fed up and abandon it.

king dong3025d ago

agreed, this game was an instant classic. i spent hours on it! i wouldnt even think about buying one of these games now

Kee3025d ago

Nah, tony hawk was still good until THUG1 (my favourite of the series). Then it got old after that. Disappointing how I bought them all the way up to project 8 and then just decided that was the final straw.

peacesquid3024d ago

There was too much Bam Margera in THUG!

Was better than THP8 though...