Six Whacky Minutes Of Disgaea 4 In A New Trailer

Ready for a new Disgaea 4 trailer? You’re in luck; NIS America released a six minute long trailer for the game today, following their press event where they announced their upcoming localizations for the year.

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thePatriot3018d ago

manifisto decleration nbr 9 is
DAY 1 buy

KillaManiac3018d ago

easiest agree ever.

Day 1!!!

3018d ago
RedPawn3018d ago

"Take a dump on the face of common sense."


KillaManiac3018d ago

Haha...that made me chuckle myself.

Neko_Mega3018d ago

Just wow, makes you wonder how crazy the people are that make this.

Anyways I want the P.Ed.

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