L.A. Noire live stream

A Lucky member and fan of L.A. Noire has gotten his hands on the game early and he is live streaming it.

The link has being changed.


The live stream has resumed!

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yess3019d ago

As usual when someone try to stream before release, the channel get's closed..

cyborg69713018d ago

Not a chance I'm watching this.

Does anyone know when the embargo is up on reviews?

Just wondering when gametrailers is gonna post theirs.

Jacks_Medulla3018d ago

Gametrailers said the embargo is up at 9:00 am on monday, I believe. It was mentioned in the most recent episode of invisble walls.

Aggesan3018d ago

Works fine for me. bad stream though. The game looks to be everything I wanted it to be, just awesome! Blend of Gabriel Knight, L.A. Confidential, Heavy Rain and GTA.

kevnb3018d ago

it looks like the old lucas arts devs helped make a gta iv spinoff. I wish they could give us that over the top feel we fell in love with before gtaiv came out.

dkgshiz3018d ago

I really hope this game is lengthy. At least give me 40+ hours. I just hate when games with good production values end so quickly. I want length dammit!

ethan3018d ago

I'm tempted, but I'm not watching. I'm waiting till tuesday so I can enjoy the game in all it's glory and it feel fresh. Can't wait!!

Red_Phoenix3018d ago

What fool in their right mind would want to ruin the game for themselves like this? I mean it is a detective game, so any little thing would be a spoiler.

mafiahajeri3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

I agree. Once Im sold on a game I avoid any info on it like its the plauge! you wouldnt believe me but I havent whatched a single gameplay video except for the on that shows the face motion capture.

Makes playing the game for the first time all the more sweeter hopefully it arrives here today because I cant WAIT!

HeavenlySnipes3018d ago

or is the guy just standing there?

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The story is too old to be commented.