Will Nintendo's Next Wii Game Console Be the Last of Its Kind? The end is near -- for game consoles, anyway.

While dedicated machines like Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 currently rule the gaming world, they may be the last of their kind. Evolving consumer demand, falling prices, and smartphones that play a whole lot more than Brickbreaker threaten to completely change how consumers play games at home and on the go.

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iamnsuperman3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Well this article is rubbish. I can tell you know there are going to be more cycles of consoles. One reason if money and another is innovation. Download only games are still in its infancy and one major draw back is countries like the UK have a internet infrastructure that would make downloading game online as the norm ridiculously long. Graphically and power wise will continue to evolve and so new consoles will be there to have this new technology.

edit “I actually think consoles are a thing of the past,” avid gamer Mark Ormond told who is mark ormond and how is he important. Seriously the writer needs to go to uni and understand how to write. A random guy doesn't count as a credible source.
"Without ruling out that possibility, video game consultant Scott Steinberg says such a radical shift would take time. “Given their established brands, considerable fan bases and exclusive games, video game consoles will enjoy popularity for the foreseeable future,". That quote is poorly used. You need to quote when he says it because what he says isn't entirely what you have concluded

AAACE53025d ago

What he means is that we will be moving towards fewer consoles!

Its no secret that these other forms of gaming have been hurting the consoles we play. Lots of gamers have moved away from consoles and their high prices. Game sales have been going down and consoles have to come up with gimmicks like redesigns and motion controllers to keep selling units!

This stuff is just too expensive now! It cost too much to make the games. Cost too much for consoles. Cost too much for consumers.

As of late, I have really been going to my phone for just about everything! I can't remember the last game I bought for a console. Everytime I get ready to buy one, I lose interest and say i'll buy it when it's cheaper! I probably won't end up buying anything until later this year!

Games just aren't as much fun anymore! Most of these so called AAA games are fun for a few days and we trick ourselves into believing they are great! A truly great game stands the test of time! I can play mario or zelda and it's as much fun as when I first played it!

Consoles won't die, but the landscape will have to change.

Soldierone3025d ago

I have an Android phone and an IPod Touch. Are those games fun? Yeah when you are stuck in some boring lecture or trip and need something to do. But sitting at home all day?

Im just saying these numbers are inflated because of this. Are thousands of people playing Angry Birds? Yeah but how long? How long before they press the home button and move to another app? Fact is my attention span when playing any games on these is so small I find it suprising anything amuses me. meanwhile I turn on my PS3 and I expect to be sitting there for a few hours with one title.

Whitefeather3025d ago

Consoles are not going away for a very long time if not ever...PCs are cool but I don't have the time nor money to keep upgrading when a game comes out that thinks itself a graphical masterpiece.

Valk3025d ago

You have no understanding of PC gaming. Every time someone like you makes that excuse I just shake my head. I upgrade mine every 5 years and there isnt ever a game I cant play. Sure maybe I dont play them all at max as time goes on but graphics are just one small piece of a game.

Whitefeather3024d ago

It's funny though you have no understanding of me yet you speak like you do...but I'm sorry I don't want to pay for a game and not play it to it's full potential. And I had a gaming PC but I stopped when it got too bothersome.

cpt_kaos3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Hell no they wont be the last of there kind how many people can see themselves gaming on screens barely bigger than your hand.

Give me surround sound and a huge screen bigger than your apartment anyday over a little phone.

Shit can barely get my fingers to dial numbers for christ sakes.

yamzilla3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

pc eats consoles in every imaginable way, with the new gpu and cpu on a single die soon to be in EVERY pc (in the next 2-5 years) all pc's will gaming capable and will severely cut into the console market, we will see a ps4 and xbox720, but ps5, most likely not. The die shrink and raw processing power will be at a place where a dedicated machine will not be nessasary, the iphone 6 will have better than ps3 graphics....what need will there be for some goofy piece of plastic??? A smartphone will literally be more powerful than the 360 in less than 2-3 years

People will have a smart phone with hdmi out, it will render games in 1080p and those who want a true hardcore 1600p crysis 4 gaming experience will game on pc.

the_best_player3025d ago

Yeah but you don't get games like God of war 3, Uncharted 2 or Twisted Metal on PC.

Rybakov3025d ago

doubtful unless Sony and Microsoft form to make one super console forcing nintendo to give into there mightiness ...but that is stuff of science fiction

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