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One of the greatest flash games TPV has ever been gifted to play is known as Cave Story. This retro/platformer excels in so many ways, and as a free game to play and download TPV want to spread the word about this excellent game TPV was exposed and addicted to.

Cave Story is a freeware platformer, adventure, shooter mixed style game that hits these elements in a way that provides entertainment for absolutely any gamer and the retro style makes the game still feel beautiful in its own way.

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joinsideke3019d ago

Been a few years since I touched this, but what a phenomenal game- and it's freeware too.

FriedGoat3019d ago

Pretty sure cave story isn't a flash game, In the day I had to download the files and then get a translation pack. But it definately WASN'T flash.

Venox20083019d ago

yes, it's not a flash.. great game 10/10 (can't wait for the remake on 3DS! :) ))

Jonmau53018d ago

I will edit the article to ensure my writer does not describe it as a flash game. I have never played it, I am itching to give it a try though now.

Thank you for your comments guys,