Modern Warfare 3 Image Analysis

Yesterday a load of images of Modern Warfare 3 were leaked to the public. They included guns, concept art and maps. Do these images give new insights into what will be in Modern Warfare 3?

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wiis3025d ago ShowReplies(6)
Raendom3025d ago

"This screenshot also shows off the new engine with highly detailed textures and amazing reflection especially on the water."

As someone just starting getting into 3D modelling I think I could 1:1 create everything in that screenshot. The walls are so obviously lazily normal mapped, the smoke area is clearly 2d (you can actually see it being clipped slightly into 3 different "layers") and the water is nothing special.

The gun is okay. But the aliasing/artifacing(from the JPEG?) is pretty bad.

AEtherbane3025d ago

"but “Volk” is modelled after the actor Brain Cox "

'Brain' is a strange name.... Did they mean "Brian?" Yeah for lack of proof-reading!

Joe29113024d ago

I didn't think MW3 was going to have a new engine? I thought they were just going throw out a poor copy of CoD4 again?

Yangus3025d ago

Hey folks,visuals NOT ALL!!

This good.

Der_Kommandant3025d ago

Then what is?

Buggy, Laggy, Glitchy gameplay?

tunytung3025d ago

i humbly suggest that they look like shit.

unknownhero11233025d ago

this hanar humbly suggests you are right.

Jacobite3025d ago

The brain washing is beginning !

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The story is too old to be commented.