Weekend Quencher 05/13/11 - War Edition

GamesThirst writes: "This week was a very momentous one for gaming. We had the usual Sony PSN hack news overflow, leaks of epic proportions, the reveal of a very big PS3 exclusive, and the mother of all leaks, Modern Warfare 3 detail overkill. In fact, I think we should title this WQ thread “Leak Edition”, and the only reason we didn’t do so is because there’s something bigger at hand: War."

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movements3017d ago

I think the rather small BF fanbase is raging against COD because they know the game will be good. That's all. I will buy both.

Bear_Grylls3017d ago

Say what?

Think what you want, it's a free world. But in reality real gamers don't like or consider COD as good.