12-Month Xbox LIVE Gold Discounted by 33% is offering a significant discount on Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions.

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awiseman3025d ago

Not news really, you can find these cards discounted everywhere if you look heard enough.

PS3Almeida3025d ago

Yes, that's true. Live costs money but it works fine and offers a lot.

Raven_Nomad3025d ago

Yea, I've personally never paid more then $30 for a year of XBL.

In fact last year I got it for free with a game. Or the other way around if you choose to look at it like that. Wanted Fable 3 anyway, got it and a year of XBL for $50.

news4geeks3025d ago

Even though I don't agree with paying to play online and would never do so, for the value you get it's better than psn. This gen has just continued to expose psn as a joke.

Scyrus3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Still cost to much, I have like 5 months of live left, i paid 30 but split it with a friend, just dont see what the fuss is about, its just an online service, I will never pay again, thats for sure

wish i could give away my xbox live subscription to someone who would actually use it

Troll_Police3025d ago

People think it's better because they have to pay for it.

B1663r3025d ago

And because it, you know, works...

user8586213025d ago

got mine for £30 so I'm set until may 2012 :)

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