NowGamer: Early Modern Warfare 3 Images Show an Ageing Engine

Modern Warfare 3 has been thrust into the limelight following allegedly leaked logos, box art, story details, settings and production screens. NowGamer weighs up the alleged Modern Warfare 3 assets, against current expectations for the game

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iamnsuperman3022d ago

Some of the photos mentioned do not have any lighting effect and I have seen some photos that are done up better (before and after shots). I think it will be similar to MW2 maybe a little better but not what is expected of a 2011 FPS. E3 will tell all

movements3022d ago

Story not true. Those are early builds...not the real deal.

Tachyon_Nova3022d ago

From the article: "Granted, we're led to believe that these do not represent the finished game and many, if not all of them were probably not meant for public consumption."

Did I do something to annoy you?

the_kutaragi_baka3021d ago

hey troll, stop the trolling please.

IGAMEHARD3021d ago

i hope this game is exactly like MW2, an identical twin, a clone.... you catch my drift?

M-Easy3022d ago

They've been using the same engine for 4 years now, its past ageing its geriatric.

Tachyon_Nova3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

There is nothing wrong with using the same base engine for 4 years so long as you add features regularly and refine code to make it run smoother. This is where they have failed so far, they have added none of the advanced graphical features that have been shown off in games like Crysis and Metro 2033 on PC and even on consoles games like Uncharted, Killzone and to an extent Gears have introduced over the 4 or so years since CoD4.

It will be interesting to see how well they have implemented destruction. It's hard to say whether they will take the standard CoD route of just the bare minimum (most likely) or if they will go all out like only Activision can afford and feature the most realistic destruction since Red Faction 3 (around 1% likelihood). I guess I'll hope for the later and expect the former.

Bear_Grylls3022d ago

I think their destruction will be nothing more than a joke at worst or a mere side thought at best.

Most likely small things like bullet holes in iron sheet/tin if we are lucky.

I can't see them adding anything real in terms of destruction. Heck you can stand 3 inches from a claymore and be just fine when you explode it with a knife FFS. In the real world a claymore takes out a house.

I have little hope. But then again I'm not buying this one. I may pirate it for the SP to finish the story, but that's it. COD MP has been dead to me for years.

Otheros003021d ago

They never add features. Destruction can easily be done on mw2 if they weren't so lazy.

outlawlife3021d ago

valve has been using the same engine for how long now?

half of the people here aren't even aware of what an engine does, you can tweak and modify any engine to make improvements

that's what IW has been doing from the beginning of the call of duty series, they started with the quake engine

InTheKnow3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

The article is laughable ( calling it an article is too ) written by your typical hater.

Where is the console version of Battlefield 3? Why is dice hiding it? NOBODY has seen the console version of Frostbite 2 but it's running on some unknown PC and we are to believe it's actually going to look like that. If the frostbit engine is so good then why do they use the same looking cars/trucks over and over in Blue, black and grey color scheme. Your giving Dice far to much credit for showing NOTHING but high end PC game play. The more you watch the Battlefield 3 game play trailer, the less impressed you will be.

Whatever COD looks like, it will look the same on every platform. I doubt the Battlefield 3 console version will run at 60fps. Dice is hiding, trembling in the corner somewhere. They've already shown everything and COD hasn't even started.

E3 will have the OFFICIAL reveal. Who gives a crap about destructible environments when the game play chugs at 20-30fps. Battlefield and EA chewed of more than they can chew...E3 will show that.

Bear_Grylls3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

all you said then was blah blah blah I love COD so much I'm going to marry it. GTFO mate!

Regardless of how gimped BF3 will be on consoles it will still tromp COD.

You just keep on buying it all mate (and the DLC, don't wanna miss out on those 3 re-skinned maps do you?). When the next Xbox hits all your COD's (hehe fish) will become useless anyway when the servers are shut off.

And No COD does not an never has looked the same across all platforms. The PC version have all been leaps and bounds ahead of the gimped out console versions, bar MW2 with no dedicated servers which still looked and played wiles better on PC.

goaliegonzalez283022d ago

Yea really cod has had the same engine since cod4 they need a new one

Beahmscream3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Eaxctly. Lazy devs are milking the SHIT out of this franchise. Before long, CoD will be better known as Call of Duty: 2011,2012... etc. (like NFL 2012)

Organization XII3021d ago

since the original CoD actually