The un-boxing of PES 2008, another street date break in Netherlands

Oooh, how jealous are we? Very. Etwasietsmet has let us know that a retailer in the Netherlands broke the PES 2008 street date a few days back and here is the proof - PES 2008 being un-boxed.

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lynx1halo4013d ago

it still astounds me that the rest of the world LOVES SOCCER and good ol USA can give a rats A$$ about your little sport

Firewire4013d ago

Idiot! Spew your hate somewhere else.

SabreMan4013d ago

get back to your rounders World Series

oh wait !!

who else in the world is in it ??

Blood_Spiller4013d ago

America also loves Nascar, Baseball and Basketball, three sports the rest of the world couldn't give two sh*ts about.

For the record, I'm not European, I'm Canadian and yes I know you Americans aren't to fond of Hockey but at least some countries in Europe share our love for the sport! :-)

SabreMan4013d ago

your post is bang on, it the old i'm an ignorant American syndrome popping it's ugly head up out of the sand again.

Sam Fisher4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

america, mexico and canada is 1 big house mexico is the basement cuz its the low part of north america and the dirties ofcourse america is the main part of the house its where everything is exquist to see,that the neigbors(all of the rest of the world) r jelious of and canada is the atic which every1 4gets about b/c theres nothing up there but old clutter thats in storage 4 us b/c we didnt have time to throw it away

lynx1halo4013d ago


killer_trap4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

aside from being envious of the dutch people. i have to say NBA is fun but baseball and the NFL put me to sleep(just an opinion).

long live football(soccer) and manUNTD.

games4fun4013d ago

a lot of hate going round i am an American but is my choice of sport so important? A side note i hate nascar its really boring. The guy who made the article may be a stupid person but that can be said in any country

Sam Fisher wow you completely showed them how wrong they were to say those things about Americans it really shows in the great example you put forth. Sarcasm speaks volumes in my opinion.

Stinkey4013d ago

I can't stand it when one individual tries to make himself feel better about his likes and dislikes by trying to degrade someone elses. your opinion is fine but it doesn't change others. And that stupid thing about America being a House is just stupid