Nintendo DS Outsells 3-D Version After First Full Month of Sales

According to NPD Group, Nintendo sold more than 620,000 hardware units in the U.S. in April. This includes more than 257,000 units in the Nintendo DS family, and only 194,000 Nintendo 3DS units. Nintendo also sold more than 172,000 Wii consoles.

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DarkCharizard_3456d ago

The to-be best selling console of all time!

kyl2773456d ago

Of course, while the 3DS is new it is expensive and doesn't have any must have titles yet. Sales will spike after the N64 classics come out.

GodofSackboy3456d ago ShowReplies(4)
Jio3456d ago

Agreed, also

@metsb, have you played a 3DS? It's like comparing the DS to the GBA. Even the graphics are much improved

N4g_null3455d ago

Its about games, why buy some thing when what you want is not out yet?

wwm0nkey3456d ago

well duh? The PS2 was still outselling the PS3 for awhile lol

Its not like the DS died when the 3DS hit nor does Nintendo want the DS to die.

iNFAMOUZ13456d ago

ok dont bring in ps2 into this, this is about nintendo, dont start your fanboy war shit please.

Jio3456d ago

I don't see him starting anything

wwm0nkey3456d ago

Im just stating that the PS2 was still outselling the PS3 when it launched just like how now the DS is outselling the 3DS, how was what I said in anyway starting a fanboy war?

RankFTW3456d ago

He was just using that as an example, no fanboyism there.

stealth500k3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

And the original ds had it worse

It was being outsold by the psp and gba in every region.

It was thought that the system might actually bomb but the first price drop and revision turned the fortune around.

The 3ds is outpacing the original ds by millions right now when you look at nintendos financials.

And for the record do you think its ever fair to compare a cheaper system now with a library of 5+ years worth of games and a system that just launched?
Its never fair. Just look at how the trolls iviserated the ps3 at launch and look how its doing now. Hell I remember articles when the 360 came out " How do we fix the 360"

This doom and gloom bullcrap at the beginning of launches needs to stop

a_bro3456d ago

3DS needs games. once the games are here, you will see it will do well in its lifetime. this is a stage that every new console goes through.

stealth500k3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

Its not really suprising. The gba was taking the ds to school for a long time. The psp was also outselling the ds for a long time.

It wasnt even until the first price drop and revision (the ds lite) that the ds line was even remotely successful

The 3ds is actually out performing what the ds did at the beginning by quite a huge margin. The 3ds will break 100 million units theres no need to worry. So all this senseless doom and gloom is getting annoying. Even analysts like EEDAR's Jesse is saying the same thing exact thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.