Shadows of the Damned - Intro Gameplay

Welcome to the first nightmareish moments of Shadows of the Damned

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cannon88003023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

This game's not for me... I'll stick to playing Barbie Horse Adventure for now. *joking*

belal3023d ago

looks solidm maybe il give it a try when the price is right.

cannon88003023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

there's people that just go around giving people disagrees. I don't understand them either. Just watch I bet someone is going to put a disagree for what i just wrote.

Chewy1023023d ago

What did I watch?

It looks like it could be worth a play but at the same time it gives me a bad feeling. Is it out soon or does it have more dev time?

Hozi893023d ago

The core mechanics seems fun enough but I'd love to see some texture improvements and a great story behind it. If it's out soon I'll get it to satsify my RE6 craving for now.

rob60213023d ago

What really bugs me is all the diamonds/points and quirky sounds that come with it - that doesn't belong in survival horror, just takes me out of the experience.