Shadows of the Damned - Village Boss Fight Gameplay

Take on a murderous demon in close quarters amidst a sea of easily collapsable huts in this level from Shadows of the Damned.

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rezzah3019d ago

Boss fight gameplay and the game isn't even released yet.

LoaMcLoa3019d ago


Can't really say that's unusual.. We've already seen a boss from Duke Nukem Forever and the main villain in Uncharted 3.

van-essa3019d ago

I can't wait to play this game. It reminds me a little bit of God Hand.

HolyOrangeCows3019d ago

I didn't realize Resident Evil IV-2 was being developed....

van-essa3019d ago

Just like God Hand, I feel it's going to review badly but it'll still be a great game

Chewy1023019d ago

If this (and the video in the other post) is all to the game Im going to stay with 7.5 for my opinion for now.

It might be a gem, might not. I'll never know until it's in my hands.

TheKindRoost3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

wow very underwhelming much; the voice acting, gfx, camera looks like a pain, the gameplay feels very stiff and if that was I supposed to be disturbed? cus I wasn't.

edit: lol @ disagrees what's wrong with asking for more? are you people really willing to bend down that far and settle for less. No wonder there's a flood of half-assed crap coming out non stop this gen.

warrior99883019d ago

wow its epic like no more heroes but with guns & that guy george is like travis but travis way cooler

JMyers3019d ago

Its still in development so why people rating this game. It looks okay so far. The developers are good, so lets have some faith.
There's work to be done on the fluidity of movement and control response. I am picking this up.

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