GamesRadar - New Darkness 2 screens released, voice cast may include Nolan North

Preview builds of the title have had Jackie voiced by the ubiquitous Mr. Nolan North, but Digital Extremes denies that this means...

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majiebeast3018d ago

And no1 will know its him till someone points it out and starts bitching about it.

MitchGE3018d ago

Why are people talking about Nolan North and not the bizarre graphical shift to cell-shading? The Darkness looked great for its time with its gritty, realistic graphics, and I feel like cell-shaded graphics don't fit with the universe and atmosphere that the first game created. I'm absolutely going to reserve my final judgement for when I actually have the game in my console and can fairly judge it on gameplay first, but still... I could even see Assassin's Creed III or Bioshock 3 going cell-shaded before The Darkness II.

Not sure how I feel about this...

ChronoJoe3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Why does Darkness 2 look waaaaay worse graphically than the first one? it's more than just an artstyle too, looks like the models have a real low polycount.

DrFUD3018d ago

No more Nolan North.
Anytime I hear him now it comes off lame because he fits Drake too well.
Then these other games he's in aren't as good as Uncharted, but I hear Drake in the game and it sort of ruins the experience for me now.

Omar913018d ago

ughh..... the game looks bad. why couldnt they just stick with the last developers graphic engine?

nskrishna23018d ago

Nolan North is in a lot of games..

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