Soaring popularity of Wii catches industry off guard

In just nine months, the Nintendo Wii has turned the video game industry upside-down. Sales of the console, whose players use their bodies as much as their fingers and thumbs, are far above even the most optimistic projections -- the Wii has sold 9.3 million units worldwide, and is expected to hit 22.3 million units by next March, almost twice the sales (11.6 million) that rival Xbox 360, from Microsoft, will have generated in two years.

Game-development studios have hustled to keep pace.

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MK_Red4015d ago

The Wii may be really popular and sell really well BUT that's the hardware front and the biggest and heart of our industry is software. Only Nintendo developed games have met good sales and among them, only Wii Play and Sports are the best sellers.
On the PS3 and 360 front, hardware sales may not be as great as Wii but software sales belong to the HD consoles. BioShock, Halo 3, Orange Box and many more are the best sellers and NONE of them is coming to Wii.

ChickeyCantor4015d ago

And metroid, super mario,brawl isnt going to the other.
like 1+1= 2.

Btw is software really is the thing that matters then i dont get the b/tching about " last gen" gfx.
better games are coming in 2008 and thats for sure.
Wii will do fine, and if developers put more time and effort in their Wii projects their games would sell too.

ItsDubC4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

According to VGChartz, the Wii has two 3rd-party titles that've sold over 1 million copies while the PS3 has none. So don't give the PS3 credit for software sales on the 360 just because they are both "HD" consoles.

It's no secret that you're anti-Wii but please try to be logical.

Rooftrellen4015d ago

If Red Steel (a third party game) could sell a million, imagine what a good game, a really good game, could do.

The 360 has sold a huge amount of games, but the attach rate is already looking like it's nearing the end of its lifecycle (attach rates shouldn't get that high unless people aren't buying consoles much, anymore), and the PS3 has an attach rate lower than the Wii.

Last I saw, the attach rate of the Wii was between 4 and 4.5 (numbers for games and consoles sold were on different sites and from different times, so it was approximate, not exact), which is right about where a console should be.

Seems to be the Wii is fine on games. I'd love to know where people get these crazy ideas from.

TruthbeTold4015d ago

Same old B.S. "Only Nintendo developed games can do well..." "Nintendo has sold their system to 12 million suckers..." "Wii is teh sucks!!1!1"

The Wii hasn't even been out for a full year yet. Non-Nintendo developers have to get a good feel for the hardware before more games that are really worth buying hit the market. The same can be said for the PS3 which also lacks in numbers of high quality games due to it being its first year, and a learning curve for developers to gain knowledge and experience regarding the hardware.

Bioshock, Halo 3, and Orange box are all for the 360, (All Microsoft developed games by the way) which has been out for two years now. PS3 has none of those games to it's credit. People who would suggest that somehow, Nintendo is going to end up with 20 million Wii owners by early next year but have no quality games or games worth playing are ridiculously biased. Do you really think that anyone besides fanboys believe that kind of drivel? Stop embarrassing yourselves, and gamers in general with hate based loyalty... Why not just be content with your choice of console without baggage for a change?

lynx1halo4015d ago

Do not succumb to the demoralizing standards that nintendo has set out with its Gamecube2...subpar games...subpar system...and recycled franchises where each iteration sees one new feature on the same old character....If you truly wish to game the PS3 is tops in graphics ...hardware...u name it

ChickeyCantor4015d ago

why do you even bother to breath?

TruthbeTold4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

How absurd. A mini paragraph of substance lacking B.S., capped off with a suggestion that if one truly wishes to game, they must make the same choice that you have. NEWSFLASH: There is more than one definition of fun. There is more than one definition of "What gaming should be". There is room for several different philosophies in this business. There is no justification for an unsolicited representative of the system with the least sales so far to hear his own sheep-like bleating as the roar of a lion. It's laughable.

lynx1halo4015d ago

What i call laughable is the fact that you would even associate yourself with an obviously out of date (both technologically and software wise) system...if we are truly to proceed into the next generation of gaming some advancements must be made in these departments such as the PS3 has done and continues to matter the risk...rather than rely on the good old dependable characters that we have seen countless times and inch forward in technology rather than take leaps and bounds.....they continue to milk the same ideas to no end

ChickeyCantor4015d ago

WTF is your point?
you think Nintendo is selling because of their franchise characterS? look again you big effin idiot, its Wii sports, cooking mama, Anal docter you name it and non of them contain a bit of MARIO of whatever.

keep your rants to yourself like i said before you are nothing more then a sh/t load of bullcrap.

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PS360WII4015d ago

Well it did. Wii is selling like mad and once developers put out some of their A games like Monster Hunter and such we can start to see some good software sales, but if all they do is put out Carnival Games and EA Playground then they won't be able to compete with Nintendo. They don't want to take a risk by spending millions of dollars for a PS3 game but they don't want to take a risk putting out an awesome game on the Wii... huh

SomeAnalyst4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

First year sales of Wii consoles have been to mainstream & core gamers, not casuals! EA and others are trying to penetrate a market that doesn't exist yet. The proof? Look which 3rd party games have met with good sales: Red Steel, Resident Evil 4, Tiger Woods, Trauma Center and Rayman. What is the center point of the market that bought these games? It's not the same point as 'EA Playground' and 'Dewy', which fall past the casual & cute end of Ravin Rabbids.