Nintendo tells MCV that the game's far from over for current Wii owners

Yes, Nintendo's new home console is now just weeks away from its E3 debut, but the platform holder has told MCV that there are still some surprises left for owners of its current machine...

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pcz3020d ago

wow, coming up to june and no great games for my wii so far this year. you really are full of shit nintendo.

rob60213020d ago

Nintendo's going to have a problem adjusting to HD development. It took some of Sony's in house developers almost 5 years to get up to speed; so I doubt there will be much from Nintendo till 'cafe' hits. They also have to develop for 3DS, which hasn't seen much from N.

N4g_null3020d ago

You have seen the list of RPGs that are not translated right now right? Then you have to wonder what their 2nd and 1st parties are working on. Youll see whats coming this E3.

pcz3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

yes there are some epic games in the pipeline... but seriously, 6 months with no games is outrageous. just imagine if there was not one single notable release on ps3 or 360 this year, the fans would be rioting.

the situation on wii right now is really pathetic. it even shows in the wii section of n4g... no news! nothing to talk about! nothing to see!

im sure e3 will have some interesting things for wii, but half the year has already gone with no good games... thats totally unacceptable.

nintendo need to stop talking and put their words into action, as i see it, those games from e3 wont be on the shelf until sept if we are lucky. so we still have months to wait with no games.

N4g_null3016d ago

There is nothing to talk about for the other two consoles ethier. In fact I'm expecting a weak E3 from the other two.

But you are right and this is what happens when your platform isn't setup for 3rd parties.

TBM3019d ago

Other then zelda there's nothing I want to play on my wii this year.

Knushwood Butt3020d ago

"With this specific campaign, we are targeting families with young kids looking to buy their first games console.".

Erm, isn't that the exact same target you've had since the launch of the system??

TacoTaru3020d ago

Oh goodie! another Wii Play. sigh.

tweet753020d ago

i have a feeling nintendo has a second half of 2011 one of the best in wiis history.

kesvalk3019d ago

you feel like one of that sony fanboys that kept saying, year after year, that it was the PS3 year...

there are some good games unrealeased on US that they should really bring to us...
but if they announce a new console for 2012, the chances of getting these games are pretty slim...