Other Modern Warfare 3 Locations Discovered?

You may have noticed that when you head to the official Call of Duty YouTube channel, the teased countries (although strangely not England) along with a number of others, are marked on the channel's background map.

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iamnsuperman3026d ago

I god hope this is a fake because it looks like they are doing what they did to MW2. Nice locations and then worry about the story line

LightSamus3026d ago

I can't see it being fake, it's the background of the official channel, they have no reason to make things up.

Bear_Grylls3026d ago Show
PS3Almeida3026d ago

As long as MW3 won't play in space or way back in history I will stick only to BF3.

Thrungus3026d ago

I think they are just rolling with the EU and the US. Doubt we'll see any Midde Eastern combat now.

The Meerkat3026d ago

looks like something bad happens to Berlin

Raven_Nomad3026d ago

Cant wait! Why do haters post in every COD thread? Makes no sense. If you don't like the games then why bother with running your mouths?

You aren't going to persuade anyone from getting the next COD game. All you do is make yourselves sound bitter and ignorant.

I get tired of looking for tidbits on COD, which is always my own most anticipated game each year, yet all I see are idiot fanboys trying to sound intelligent.

Nobody forces you to buy the game, nobody forces you to play the game. Leave it to us who truly enjoy and look forward to the games.

newhumanbreed3026d ago

They were most likely let down with their last Call of Duty purchase. I believe that gives them the right to rant. I honestly don't know how you can be paying $60 for CoD4 DLC every year.

Raven_Nomad3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

You don't have to buy DLC either. Honestly I never buy IW DLC. I buy the Treyarch DLC from time to time. I skipped the first B.O. Map Pack but I picked up this new one and I have not been disappointed.

To each their own, but it's stupid to just sit in every thread and whine about a game. If you like it, buy it. If you hate it, don't buy it. Simple.

As for being let down, I am usually let down with an aspect or two in every game I've ever played. Whining about it wont help. I try to give feedback to the companies when I can, but I am not going to complain, especially when it comes to a game like COD where I pay $60 for it but spend 10-20 days on the game itself. For the price it's one of the only games to offer such longevity.

InTheKnow3025d ago

It's the same thing on every COD thread. You don't like it, don't buy it. This is a NEW game. If you don't like the older games, find a thread that talks about it and complain there. These threads are to discuss the NEW game.

@newhuman--not liking an old game gives you NO right to crash every thread with the same nonsense about a game that has nothing to do with the other game, other than it's the same publisher and title.

Sledgehammer ( Deadspace 1 ) is making this game along with Infinity Ward. NOBODY knows anything about the game as of yet BUT butthurt fanboys want to discredit the game with out even seeing or playing dumb is that.