Rockstar Pass not included with new copies of L.A Noire

A few days ago “Rockstar Pass” was spotted on the upcoming list of Add-ons for XBL. However, the actual pass isn’t included with copies of the game.

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Yi-Long3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

"Not being packaged with the game could possibly mean a one time fee for access to future DLC for L.A Noire. What do you think?"

What do I think?

I don't 'do' DLC, and I'm affraid they left a few desks out on purpose to sell them later on as DLC (which has already been hinted at), so I get the feeling they're trying to sell us an incomplete game and will try to sell us stuff that was supposed to be in there later on.

I have no doubts that this will be a great game, but this kinda stuff puts me off from buying it.

xPhearR3dx3020d ago

Well since know one knows exactly what the Rockstar Pass is for, it's hard to say but I do understand where you're coming from. The fact that there is a pass, it's $10, not included with new copies of the game and will be on the marketplace on day one is pretty frustrating. What ever it is, I feel like I'm going to have to spend another $10 to have more of L.A Noire on day one. Only time will tell.

BLAKHOODe3020d ago

I figure Rockstar is doing what THQ did with WWE Smackdown Vs RAW 2011 where you could buy the DLC in advance for a cheaper price than buying it later separately.

If this game is as BIG and as GOOD as they're saying it is, I won't have a problem dropping another $10.

Zydake3020d ago

Oh your right I forgot about that.

Bear_Grylls3020d ago

That still doesn't make it an OK tactic to use just to milk the gamer a bit harder for the FULL game.

LoneWanderer093020d ago

Yeah i would not mind dropping 10 more bucks for the Pass, if i bought it for SvR2011 i can do it for L.A. Noire

BLAKHOODe3020d ago


Consider this, how many Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter movies are there? But people bought tickets to ALL of those movies so that they could see the FULL story. Now typically, I would agree with you, because the game doing this isn't that good, the story isn't long enough or was just a rush job made quick to make a buck. But L.A. Noire took 7 years to develop, is taking up a full blu-ray disc (or 3 DVDs), is coming to us from a credible developer AND publisher.. all signs that we're going to get MORE than our $60 worth already. So $10 for even MORE value isn't asking much.

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FOXDIE3020d ago

I bought GTA:IV the complete package for 20$.
I advice you all to do the same, wait till they release a complete packaged game and then buy it. Same thing will happen with Red dead, just give it some time.

M4I0N33020d ago

true, but then again, i think team bondi deserve our money since they've been working on this for 7 years.

NiKK_4193020d ago

Yea, that's what I was gonna say, because worked for that long and maybe it's to make up some extra money, but either way I probably won't do this because I'm just gamefly-ing it

FOXDIE3019d ago

If you want to support a developer then go ahead. But to me, I feel like im getting screwd if I give this developer my money right away.

One developer that deservs to get payed is From Software. You know why? Because for example Dark Souls only costs like 40-50$ (I have preorderd it) and not do I only get the FULL COMPLETE game, I also get an artbook, walkthrough, music cd and special packaging. Now thats what I call fan service.

Rockstar are only shitting on their fanbase by doing these stuff.

Lirky3020d ago

The game is on 3 discs of course theres alot of incompletion in terms of side-stories etc. But the main story seemed fully finished. But side-missions etc. about characters that stuff all couldnt fit so itll be like dlcs aka bonus missions not really needed just if u want to find out more about certain cases.

NukaCola3020d ago

The 3 disc thing is lame. unLocking and Locking sidequests with the pacing

Mikeyy3020d ago

Hopefully only on the xbox version, ps3 better not get punished for giving the devolopers the space they needed.

FOXDIE3020d ago

1 disc on PS3 though!

MGRogue20173020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

I hope Rockstar Games / Team Bondi were thinking smart.. and made it so that once we 360 hard drive users install Disc 2 & 3.. we won't need to actually insert those discs when a prompt comes up asking for each one.

So then, we can just play the game entire game with only disc 1 inserted (installed also).. with disc 2+3 installed to 360's hard drive.

Zydake3020d ago

I never played my 360 with multiple discs but I thought it was possible to install the other discs

callahan093020d ago

You can install the additional discs but the game still requires that you put the disc in in order to play that disc. The only exception is Forza 3's second disc content, but that's because the 2nd disc is in itself an install disc, it's like a disc with DLC on it basically so they can't ask you to input that disc to use the cars etc. that are on the disc, you just install it and then continue on playing with disc 1. But other multi-disc games like FFXIII and Mass Effect 2 require that the disc you're currently on be in the drive in order to continue.

Maini80003020d ago

i dont think that will be possible tbh.. it wasnt possible with mass effect 2

MasterCornholio3020d ago

I hope this rockstar pass doesnt go too far. Because its seems to me that this gen a really nasty trend has started with games being released incomplete and then the company releases DLC shortly afterwards. Like Dead Space 2 for example.

ninjaman9993020d ago

I dont believe they are screwing us on this game because they clearly said that the game is an entire half of a bluray (The other half will have a copy of the data so it loads faster which is better then 1 more gig of content) and is 3 discs on the Xbox(Which is bad already and a 4th disc wont help at all) Not to mention the fact that this game is EASILY the same length if not longer then GTA4 so why complain?
A one time all DLC pass is better then map packs...

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