With so many gaming mice on the market, it takes a special combination of style and features to stand out from the crowd. With a massive number of options, beautiful angles and great comfort - the ROCCAT Kova [+] delivers in almost every way.

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Josh_Squire3021d ago

Looks like a little nifty mouse, i'll look into this one. Thanks

daverage3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

It is a little beauty. My fav is still the Steelseries Xai, but that is about £40 more expensive!! http://www.yetanotherreview...

Raendom3020d ago

I had this mouse (the Kova) it broke within a few months and the on-the-fly DPI settings didn't always work. Not only that but can you see in the picture the middle mouse button is sort of split into two sections? The middle part of that really hurts your finger while scrolling, until you do it so much it smooths a bit.

Steelseries definitely do the better last-worthy mice, and their in-built software is top of the line.

RankFTW3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

I've been using a ROCCAT Kone mouse for a couple of years now and it's top notch, highly recommended. Also use ROCCAT Kave 5.1 headset and the sound from it is amazing.

Blaine3020d ago

How big is it???

I hate that they never give dimensions in reviews. Even Newegg doesn't tell you what size a mouse is. I'm using a Razer Orochi right now, and if I'd known beforehand how small it is I never would have bought it. I f*cking hate the thing--it might be acceptable for die-hard claw-grippers, but it just gives me hand cramps and I always have to shift my finger position on it to avoid feeling serious discomfort when using it for a while.

daverage3020d ago

From the review
Dimensions: Max. width 12cm x approx. 6.5cm max. length

Blaine3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Well call me an idiot! I did not see that... Thanks. Did you get the two mixed up per chance though?

Edit: I see it now. It's because I didn't read past the text body and scores. I expected to find the dimensions in the paragraph where you talked about the mouse's build. Didn't notice the spec sheet all the way at the bottom.

daverage3020d ago

mm, just realised the official specs are wrong!! Thanks Blaine, I have amended them now :S

daverage3020d ago

That can be a good thing as it does not clog up as easy!

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