NISA bringing Atelier Torori, Cladun 2, Bleach game this summer

RPG Land: "NIS America has confirmed our suspicions and announced Atelier Totori (PS3) and Cladun x2 (PSP via PSN), as well as the unexpected Bleach: Soul Resurrección for PS3."

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imoutofthecontest3020d ago

Atelier Rorona was a great game for 20 hours. Then the item management interface gets ridiculous and tacked-on combat becomes extra annoying. Kind of muddied what could have been great.

callahan093020d ago

Dammit! I haven't even had the chance to pick up Neptunia or Ar Tonelico 3 yet. I will try to get them before they become difficult to find. But 3 more games coming to PS3 over the next few months? More Atelier, a new Bleach game, and my most-anticipated Disgaea 4. Holy cow. NISA releases more PS3 exclusives than any company besides Sony themselves, I think.

Araceae3020d ago

I still haven't picked up those games as well. I also need to go back and beat Atelier Rorona. So many games, so little time.

Neckbear3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

On the plus side, Totori reportedly fixed all the dodgy issues Rorona had. From a better story to a more in-depth combat, cleaner interface, and bigger area exploration. Oh, and of course, the better graphical presentation.

That's what I've heard from importers, anyways.

knifefight3020d ago

I'm actually surprised. On Rorona, I didn't think its sales were super high. I did expect Cladun 2 because not having a disc and case means they don't need to make a big investment on it and lose cash. That's an example of a game that needs to be digital to be profitable in North America.

rdgneoz33020d ago

Nice that they're bringing Bleach over. Was hoping it would come to NA.

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