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Dart893023d ago

Duhhhh idk maybe Dubai??

sirgames3023d ago

haha yeap, those spoilers mentioned Dubai so I guess that's next? xD

MintBerryCrunch3023d ago

cod went from the realm of believable plots and story to absurd invasions and conspiracies...i dont see the franchise getting any better story wise

iamnsuperman3023d ago

@mintberrychrunch I agree it seems that they focus on the locations being nice and different and then have to do a ridiculous WW3 setting to make the locations fit. COD4 had a really good story line because it was believable even with the Hollywood like set pieces. This Cold war brought to Modern Times story does not work

Bear_Grylls3023d ago Show
StanLee3023d ago

@ MintBerryCrunch

I'll agree with you there. The Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare drew inspiration from real world events and felt plausible and engaging. Modern Warfare 2's story is a mess which left you in disbelief with no continuity and huge plot holes. Black Ops was even more disjointed and fantastical. The may as well make Modern Warfare Space Marine next, the games' stories have become so implausible and laughable.

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hamburger1233023d ago

Even the teasers look exactly the same as MW2. Arent they gonna change anything?

iamnsuperman3023d ago

This teaser is worst than MW2 teaser. This has done nothing to make me interested in this game. I agree with you though it seams they have taken a level and put some green voice thing on it and hidden some features in it (sounds very familiar)

Caleb_1413023d ago

I don't know why but that made me lol majorly. Maybe its because I imagined a hillbilly saying it.

Anyway, considering the entire story has already been leaked, why is this article even here?

chak_3023d ago

there is no E in dubai, that won't work for the teaser :D

dubai3 maybe :o

Ocelot5253023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )


dubai isn't a country

You mean UAE

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RedDead3023d ago

Idk...but locations don't really get me hyped, I hope EA advertises the shi* out of BF3 though and puts Activision where they deserve to be for milking it so badly

cyclonus0073023d ago

EA put a commercial on Family Guy a few weeks ago and the game is not out for at least another 5 months. I think they are going all out on this one.

xyho13023d ago

OMG there are so many entries for the "France" teaser :/
seriously well described - 'teasers hype' man..everyones like crazy =.=

worm20103023d ago

i thought somewhere in australia like sydn3y but that doesn't look like its going to happen

Josh_Squire3023d ago

Well seeming that all the current teaser videos were uploaded 8/9 hours ago, I would say that is the end of the teaser trailers for today. If any were going to be released, it should be revealed on the MW3 fan page in half an hour as they are revealing each video every 2 hours.

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The story is too old to be commented.