IGN - Batman: Arkham City - 17 Reasons Why it's Awesome

IGN - We gave Rocksteady's Dax Ginn three minutes to come with as many awesome facts about Batman: Arkham City as he could. He gave us this.

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b_one3018d ago

preordered about two weeks ago ;)

DarkCharizard_3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

lets-a go!

Whitefeather3018d ago

I haven't I'm hoping for a collector's edition.

b_one3018d ago

Good idea too, but i dont have room for those things.... i can cancel anytime ;) maybe collector`s edition will be interesting...

Whitefeather3018d ago

Yeah, on the official Batman AC Facebook page you can vote for what you want in the CE so there will be one but they haven't decided what yet.
Here are the options:

1:The Joker Statue
2:Catwoman Statue
3:Catwoman Goggles
4:Batman utility belt
5:Two-Face coin

I voted for the belt personally.