How Bad Does The PSN Outage Affect Sony?

Lens of Truth writes - "As everyone is well aware of by now, Sony’s PSN has been down for nearly an entire month. Since then many arguments and predictions have broken out throughout the world wide web pertaining to the situation. The question is, can Sony recover and how bad are the damages? I want to take this time to evaluate a few things and give my analysis on the situation for everyone to read. I will be covering things such as the damages to PS3 sales and loyalty, how Sony reacted, and how Sony will be able to recover (IF they can recover)."

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InFAMOUS13021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

This was a good read.

MY opinion is that, Sony will be just fine.. You don't get to be one of the largest electronics manufactures and not make a few enemies...

The reality is, because we are human, we will forget this even happened in about 4 months.. Something else in the world will happen and we will be none the wiser. Just like the BP oil spill, U.S torture, Japan earthquake, Haiti earthquake, Blackwater and hell, even part #680 of your favorite video game that gets put out year after year, completely and totally broken, yet we forgive and forget and let business happen as usual.

Sony will spend more money on marketing their brand for the next year that this whole PSN debacle will be forever lost and only found in the confines of fanboyism...

Edited for wording*

MintBerryCrunch3021d ago

if this goes past the month of should bow its head in shame...

hell their E3 conference better have a portion to just talking about all the improvements/features they made to PSN

xAlmostPro3021d ago

Why should they bow their head in shame exactly?..

For being hacked?.. Like the government, like mastercard.. like google.. like microsoft.. like xbl.. ..

They were attacked, they couldn't have known the servers/networks would have been attacked in such ways.

Fair enough it's been down for a long time, but they haven't just patched the loophole. They've rebuilt the network. On top of that also fixing SoE. On top of that answering to governments on their high horses. Defending the media hate. Developing the welcome back program. They've had alot to do. They've handle it best they can to be honest.

I don't think they should bow in shame at all.

The should put PSN back online with their heads held high if anything, things happen it's not the end of the world.

InTheKnow3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Sony needs to have PSN up and running at full capacity BEFORE E3. If they do not, they will have a hard time for the rest of this year trying to overcome the massive bad exposure from E3. Every question at E3 will start with the hacked PSN fiasco and if it's still down, then it will be twice as bad.

In regards to the article implying that the 36o doesn't have much planned out for the rest of 2011 is assuming to much and quite frankly, it would seem to be a stealth troll attempt. Microsoft is obsessed with the holiday shopping season and have planned for that EVERY year since launch. They did the same thing last year and how did that turn out. The top selling console 10 out of the last 11 months and Kinect now a part of the guinness world records for the fastest selling device ever.

The whole Multi-plats Vs Exclusive argument is nonsense being pushed by the fanboys trying to claim some sort of fanboy victory for having quantity over quality. Sony does indeed have the best line up this year in terms of Exclusive but people seem to forget they had NOTHING from E3 2010 till dec 2010 when GT launched. Was it all doom and gloom

The top selling games on PS3 are multi-plats and they out sell the ps3 exclusives by the MILLIONS. That is the biggest statistic that matters.

E3 could potentially be the biggest E3 ever. Nintendo launching a new console. COD Vs Battlefield. Numerous game showings and announcements will only add to all the fun. Lets revisit these topics after E3 and see if anything changed.

Warprincess1163021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

As the article listed, the PS3 has so many good exclusives coming out this year so you would be really dumb to jump to the 360.

RedDead3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I would agree with you but quantity =/= quality. I think the multiplats are superior to Exclusives this year. Skyrim, Dark souls, Battlfield 3. There's 2 top RPg's and more than likely the top FPS. These take priority over all Exclusives in October, Nov, Dec. To me anyway. Well...the Ps3 has more options but I would never picked most of the exclusives over these. I could have said the same about Demons Souls when it came out, it took Priority over alot of things/

Anyway if I did not have a Ps3 this year I wouldn't care, the games I want will come to me anyway. I want my Ps3 for...FF versus, The last Guardian and I think there's one more...

Edit---yeah oldman, it's surprising people can defend Sony's launch price and say it's worth it for the better features, and then run down Xbox live because of it's price

Rynx3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Wow you want your PS3 FF Versus XIII? A game we know nothing about in terms of it's release future?

And you're surprised over people defending a $600 price of a new format? Over the $1000 asking price for launch Blu-ray players?

I mean, not everyone is expected to get how new technology, market, and early adoption is supposed to work for it's success. But please, educate yourself on the matter before you go on rambling about how it's "surprising" to you as if we're talking about how the universe is made.

Another thing that you grossly neglect is, while yeah, to YOU exclusives don't matter, the industry wouldn't be where it is today without them.

I mean I don't deny that the iPhone is popular, but if it wasn't for exclusivity then AT&T would have been struggling against Verzion.
I don't deny that COD is popular, but if exclusivity wasn't important than why did Microsoft bother making a deal with Activision (possibly costing MS millions) to get their DLC to release first on the Xbox?

It's all fine and dandy to share your opinion on how the Multiplats YOU listed are going to be a big deal to YOU. And I could just the same list on here what big exclusives are going to be a big deal to ME. The difference between both statements would be though, that while Uncharted 3, Resistance 3 and Twisted Metal are going to be a big deal for ME. I won't ignore the fact that Gears of War 3 is going to be HUGE for the Xbox fanbase and for Microsoft's revenue. Now that would just be flat out ignorant to dismiss it just because I am not interested in the game.

It's one thing to state your opinion, but it's another thing to use it towards dismissing what WORKS for MS, Sony and Nintendo.

Oldman1003021d ago

I'd rather go to a fast food restaurant for free food anytime i wanted than go to a fancy overpriced restaurant with unneeded garnishes.

Sure the food at the fancy overpriced restaurant is better, but all i need is something that will quench my hunger. And the fast food restaurant does it for free.

tplarkin73021d ago

Sony described the PS3 as the exact opposite when they justified the $599 price tag. They said the PS3 was fine dining.

So, the 360 must be like fine wine. It gets better with age.

slaton243021d ago

maybe next gen but not this gen only reason ppl are now jumpin to the 360 is bc they just want to play online not bc its superior or insuperior...ps3 is still better blue-ray, browser, when online is back(FREE)and other dont get me wrong xbox has its gimicks as well i actually own both and still have not got online since the outage....but the thing is KIDS these days dont respect the great aspect a single player game can give you...sure MP is fun but some games u have to really enjoy...ex-metal gear solid 4 online was great in my opinion..and dont forget infamous and uncharted....everything has its faults....i hope xbox isnt next because im sick of this fanboy bullshit...answer me this please guys....Where are the true gamers at?

Oldman1003021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Wtf at disagrees? This was a personal response to this analogy in the article:

"As it stands right now PSN is like a fast food joint. A cheap and effective way to get the job done right while keeping the consumer happy. XBL however is like eating at a fancey restaraunt. It may cost a little more, but the added features and experience is just better all around."

Now here's my above comment translated for the misunderstood:

Id rather use psn and have free online access anytime i want than pay for features on xbox live that i will never use.

Sure xbox live arguably has the better online service with more features, but all i want is the ability to play my games online. And the psn does this for free.

As a person who doesn't play that much online, psn is all i need.

xc7x3021d ago

the minute PSN online,most peeps will likely forget about it all but complainers who aren't satisfied [and will never be,it's just how they are] will make noise daily of it even though they lost nothing but time spent on the service,of which they complained before all this happened.

3021d ago
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