Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 features NY, London - What About Dubai And Destructible Worlds?

So - Modern Warfare 3 is coming. You remember the story rumors saying it begins with an invasion in Manhattan? The first teaser "America Under Siege" shows exactly that. Afterwards we see London in the second trailer, also mentioned as a location for CoD:MW3. If the next Videos feature Paris or Dubai, I am sure the rumors were right all the time. So I am looking forward to destructible environments and huge maps. How about you?

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mantacore65623021d ago

I agree my friend. This is something that would give COD a big boost for fun. Look at Red Faction for example, it is a great game with destructable buildings.

Bear_Grylls3020d ago ShowReplies(6)
chazjamie3020d ago

I doubt it. It would be pointless for them to work that hard. Its going to sell millions regardless of whats in the package. 12 destructible enviromenrs. Yeah right.

Dart893021d ago

I'm calling it the next teaser is where ever Makarov dies they're suppose to release more trailers.

Josh_Squire3021d ago

A teaser trailer has already revealed for France, so Paris is out of the question

tdogchristy903020d ago

? Uh the teaser for France took place in Paris.

PhantomT14123020d ago

Won't be as destructible as Battlefield or Red Faction if MW3 sticks to the 60 FPS.

captain-obvious3020d ago

there was rumors about Destructible maps in Black Ops
turned out the developer hyping only those Destructible covers
which is like the only things you can actually destroy in the game lol

so yah
i dont believe it

Rybakov3020d ago

terrorism 101 part 3 can't wait till this is the same game as every call of duty

bad games ruining gaming....sigh

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