72 Screenshots of Bleach: Soul Resurreccion

Saiyan Island has posted 72 screenshots of Bleach: Soul Resurreccion for PS3.

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tayz3019d ago

thats a heck lot of screenshots!

[email protected]3019d ago

all of them are from the NISA trailer :)

gamerfan4eva3019d ago

theres a lot of hitsuguya and that big breasted arrancar girl

Myst3019d ago

Tia Harribel (spelling on the last name?) Also never knew a game like this was coming to PS3 o.o

tayz3019d ago

it is and it's coming with a B-A-N-K-A-I!

Myst3019d ago

Well time for me to pre-order this bad boy!

CaptainSheep3019d ago

Wasn't the Bleach PS3 game called Bleach: Soul Ignition? o__o

Pedantic913019d ago

This one is the to-be-localized one.

tayz3019d ago

ya they changed it. the new title is longer and doesnt sound as cool

Coolmanrico3019d ago

I believe you are referring to the title. If so, aside from the O missing a dash at the top it is spelt correctly. Resurreccion is Resurrection in Spanish. A lot of abilities in Bleach uses Spanish words.

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