Gamerzitch: Innovation Isn't Gone

A post explaining how Innovation isn't going away in the current industry, and that there is more of it around than you might think.

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Therealspy033020d ago

Portal 1 was innovative...Portal 2 not so much. and i don't see how brink is innovative. there are 3 elements to brink: customizability, free running, and class based team FPS. all have been done elsewhere, and much better. it wasn't a bad idea to combine them, but the execution was so bad i just can't imagine thinking of this game as innovative (though i did think of it that way before i actually played it).

Ducky3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Innovation doesn't have to be about creating something entirely new.
A combination of existing ideas can be innovative.

As for the execution, I haven't found any major gripes about the gameplay. There's a few bugs that need to be ironed out, but other then that, it's been a lot of fun.

undercovrr3020d ago

A combination of existing ideas is not innovative. It is merely improving on an already successful concept. Innovation occurs when completely new concepts are introduced and are successful.

Therealspy03 is right, Portal 2 is an amazing game, but not innovative when compared to Portal 1. Also, Brink can't be considered innovative because while the idea sounded good on paper, it ultimately did poorly when put to practice. Brink turned out to be a bit of a disappointment to be honest.

earbus3020d ago

Bullshit gaming is dead been playing the same thing for years most innovative games this gen for me are shaowrun and battlestations the only games this gen that feel like they added something new.

undercovrr3020d ago

Stop being so cynical. Are you even a true gamer? This generation has seen tons innovation.

First lets start with the popularity of online console gaming, then lets talk about the games: Uncharted innovated the cinematic experience, blurring the line between action movie and game. Now lets jump forward to the tons of downloadable games on PSN and Live Arcade - Flower and made games closer to true art, and so did many other indie games.

Oh and lets not forget the upcoming LA Noire, and Portal, and I can keep going.... I hope by now I made my point

Ducky3020d ago

"Uncharted innovated the cinematic experience, blurring the line between action movie and game."

Games have always been pushing the boundary between movies and games, and many games have been cinematic. Uncharted just improved what was already there.

Yet, you call it innovative while according to your other comment, it shouldn't be as "It is merely improving on an already successful concept."

earbus3020d ago

Yeah like i said gaming is stale.

undercovrr3020d ago


The difference between uncharted and past games is that playing it really made you feel like you were in a movie. You had the graphics, the amazing voice acting, and the gameplay combined. Why do you think U2 won so many awards? Plus unlike games like Brink, Uncharted 2 was successful.

Ducky3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

^ That doesn't really matter now does it?
"It is merely improving on an already successful concept."
Still holds true.

Winning awards or being critically acclaimed has nothing to do with innovation. MAG and MirrorsEdge didn't win any big awards, yet they innovated.
Okami was innovative, yet it is considered a flop.

You're trying to convince Earbus that innovation exists, yet according to your logic, the games Earbus considers to be innovative aren't innovative at all as they weren't 'successful'.

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loveassassin133019d ago

I agree that "A combination of previous elements can be innovative". Brink was innovative in the way that it tried to be different, sure it could simply be described as mirror's edge and tf2 combined, but it was still trying something "new" and I personally count that as innovation, a game can be innovative, or at least try to be, and still have bad execution.