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Dart893019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Ehhh my bros getting it so if it flops it's his money not mine mines going toward BF3.

Edit:Apparently there will be more trailers today>_<.

What's up with the disagrees??

omni_atlas3019d ago

yawn, looks like another rehash. They can't even innovate with the trailer teaser, its like an exact copy cat of 2 years ago.

Finger-Eater3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

yawn, your comment could not have been any more innovating either.

frostyhat1233019d ago

This trailer did not get me excited at all!

evrfighter3019d ago

wow IW has nothing on the BF3 teasers

jamaicanoni0073019d ago

you are half correct, the one from two years ago was only audio this one gives a 3d wire frame of the cities.

Fez3019d ago

I like the idea of having teasers of different countries...hopefully it means there will be a level in London. I would like to see more video games set in Britain.

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StanLee3019d ago

It's always funny when I read comments of "stale" or "old" or just criticisms in general of the Call of Duty titles and then I go online see 500,000 people logged in playing and enjoying the game and chuckle at the minority that continue to hate. Ah, the internet! SMH!

madara0sama3019d ago

Too true. Yawn just another COD I guess I'll buy it. Yawn and you wonder why it's so big.

-Alpha3019d ago

What's really funny is that a lot of the criticism can apply to their favorite shooters too.

bumnut3019d ago

Not everyone likes COD, get over it.

MonkeyBoy923019d ago

you have to admit though it is getting stale, same engine, i'm assuming the same terrible campaign and the same multiplayer which has the same bugs and problems every single year!

Yes the multiplayer is still a good laugh with a bunch of friends but I can get the same experience (hell could even be better) on any of the previous Call of Dutys!

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JLeVRT3019d ago

Theres a Germany trailer too.

DeadlyFire3019d ago

Oh wow this is the trailer campaign? A trailer for each country? Why not a real gameplay trailer or something exciting. A whole month until I see a real teaser. Well close to a month.

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InFAMOUS13019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I am glad that there will be very little for a couple of months after this regarding MW3... This site gets FLOOOODED with CoD propaganda every year ahahahahha

EDIT @ above (StanLee)

500,000 people play yet there are 50 million PS3s sold... You need to do your math again...

madara0sama3019d ago

Are you comparing console sales with game sales? If you are I don't get your point.

PSPMAN073019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Point is out of 50 million PS3 users, 500,000 play COD. Doesn't matter the numbers are exaggerated anyway lol. But OT COD is okay, online is same thing every year. Same formula for online just different weapons and challenges, not worthy of an annual release. They should just offer Episodic content for online and single player both

Tr10wn3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Is it even possible to play Black OPS online on the ps3? "Sarcasm"

Anyways Bops 500,000 player after 7 months on the market yeah, name me one PS3 beside any cod that have at least 100,000 people online every day lol BTW comparing consoles sales vs games sale doesn't make any sense, from those "50 mil" maybe 20mil only play games like uncharted or something like that, i my self own a ps3 for their exclusive nothing more, the Xbox is for the multiplats.

Right now black ops is above every other game out there "Leaving MMO's apart" in term of players online, the only game that matches Black ops is Halo Reach with 600,000 and still Black ops on the 360 has like 800,000 players around 9pm.

I'm really looking forward to MW3 i enjoy playing CoD games with my friend since cod2 and always will till Activition kill it.

swiftshot933019d ago

Dont know why anyone would get this with Uncharted 3 and Skyrim coming out around the same time. Theres also Gears 3, Resistance 3 and BF3 (all of which will be better than any CoD) if you want a shooter.

InFAMOUS13019d ago

Could not agree more!!! This holiday will easily be one of the best 3 in gaming history IMO.. Skyrim is going to HOPEFULLY destroy everything in it's path and well Uncharted 3 is a no-brainer.. BF3 and R3 will be great but I am just sick of FPS...

ZippyZapper3019d ago

Funny how PS3 fanboys are the only ones who hate CoD. You all must still be pissed about the exclusive maps the 360 owners get to play first. Hate all you want it wont stop CoD from being the top FPS on the market.

crzyjackbauer3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Agreed dont like it
then dont buy it
stop b!ching about it
i play MW2 on 360 all the time and i have a blast
all you haters just suck at the game
forget "dont hate the player hate the game"
hate yourselfs for sucking at COD
dont blame the game if you get pwned

CrimsonEngage3019d ago

Really? Because i play 360 and think Call of Duty sucks donkey balls. Piss poor teaser.

Istanbull3019d ago

You must be a microsoft b!tch for crying out such nonsense, its not the PS3 users who hate CoD, its also the PC users too. Its only little 14 year old middle class nerds like you who enjoy CoD.

Anyways, you are ignored for life, nobody will ever get annoyed reading your crap again you POS

Led-Zeppelin3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

This game isn't made by Treyarch people, just keep that in mind. It probably isn't going to be anything like Black Ops.

newhumanbreed3019d ago

It isn't made by the original Infinity Ward either, so what are you trying to prove?

Led-Zeppelin3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

That it isn't going to be like that last crappy games we've been getting over the years. Just trying to keep an open mind on things.

newhumanbreed3019d ago

I wouldn't be too sure about that.

InFAMOUS13019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

You are right, however, it is the same game.. I don't care who makes it.. This just means it won't be AS broken as Black Ops.. It will play the same, look the same, feel the same and well, will BE the same as every CoD since 2007. But don't forget the most important aspect of your statement.. The top talent that was Infinity Ward are no longer there. Sure they still have some talented people, but I guarantee you that the people they lost, put a very large hole in the company both technically and creatively..

EDIT: The fanboyz are taking bubbles.. Really guys?

FACT- CoD has NOT changed in 4 years and almost 5 titles. It actually gets worse and worse.. With the stupid killstreaks and terrible spawning. This game has " I suck at video games but am good at Call of Duty" written allll over it...

artdafoo3019d ago

They don't need to change this turd, just put a new coat of wax on it every 18 months.

crzyjackbauer3019d ago

"They don't need to change this turd, just put a new coat of wax on it every 18 months"

lol And the funny part is.....
your still going to buy it!!!!!! LMAO!!!

newhumanbreed3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Agree. Activision is just using the name Infinity Ward to generate sales.

AKissFromDaddy3019d ago

Bingo, We have ourselves a winner. Well said.

Jack-H3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )


Jack-H3019d ago

Just like how Black Ops wasn't ANYTHING like COD 4? I enjoy them myself but acting like they aren't simular is kind of silly wouldn't you AGREE?(lol)

PandaJenkins3019d ago

The only good COD games made in the past few years were made by the original IW.... the rest is just crappy companies milking it.

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sycnation3019d ago

still more sold on battlefield 3...sorry infinity ward you lost me after one man army and not confronting makarov...

and you bastards killed off Ghost


iamnsuperman3019d ago

battlefield 3 seems to have a solid realistic story. The whole MW2 story was utter rubbish. It seem to only relate to the older American generation who lived though the cold war. This game is going to do its best to follow on but I think they have lost it. Do like every other franchise does when something goes wrong and reboot it. Go back to the beginning and make it realistic

sycnation3019d ago

roger that!

twisted metal
devil may cry
tomb raider
mortal kombat