Cyberwar continues: another game company hacked, info compromised

Hackers might have accessed up to 25,000 e-mail addresses and 350 résumés during an attack on game developer Eidos Interactive’s websites, parent company Square Enix said Friday.

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DragonKnight4281d ago

I thought only Sony could get hacked. /s

This SHOULD show people that nothing online is 100% safe, but trolls gonna troll I suppose.

Muerte24944281d ago

Until someone brings down the almight XBox LIVE. Then they're going to want to see heads roll then. I still think this outage is to the point of just sadness and depression. I ran through all my single players games and now I'm just stuck with the wait.

xAlmostPro4281d ago

I'd love to see XBL get taken down, not because im a fanoy or a spiteful person but just to show fanboys that nothing is 100% secure there's a loophole to everything.

We shouldn't be laughing because a rival companies network has went down when so many details were at risk, we're all gamers at the end of the day we should be sticking with each other and standing against the hackers. Support the companies not the hackers

Soldierone4281d ago

I don't want to see Live go down. I don't use it (well except for right now while PSN is down) but still. Its a game network, why would you want gamers to suffer?

That and it will only create more trolls. The "SEE LIVE WENT DOWN HAHAHAHA" ones...Plus Live is supposedly more secure, if it went down it means PSN will most likely go down again too.

radphil4281d ago


Secure? Possibly. However there's people touting it as invincible to hacks just because they pay for it.

badz1494280d ago

The SCUMS are at it again! Get a life already and if you're gonna say that THIS is your life, then get a life where you are not a public menace!

madjedi4280d ago

@pro I would laugh my ass off at people like gaming droid and all the other 360 owners that had a field day with psn going down and staying down.

Because i am a spiteful person, like something gets you pissed off and your neighbor laughs at your for it, then something pisses him and you give him the it isn't so funny now is it jackass look.

If live was hacked 3 things 360 owners wouldn't find it funny anymore and loner would be down from his 10 articles a day posted on psn being down to 1 or 2.

And n4g wouldn't have new articles every 5 minutes screaming live is still down, or a mass media frenzy on the subject of a major company being hacked and yet n4g is "ruled" by ps3 fanboys, lol if you people say so.

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Wagz224281d ago

Corrupt politicians, oil companies, banks and corporations...but I'm going to hack websites of game developers...that'll show them! Dumb...

cogniveritas4281d ago

Those politicians, oil companies, and banks are targets of hackers as well. Smaller developers just don't invest as much in online security. Kids with too much time have to start somewhere before growing into a hardened corporate hacker. Definitely unfortunate but that's the nature of the internet freedom that we seek to protect. Even the little guy needs tools of defense.

Soldierone4281d ago

I dont understand why they don't just go into the Microsoft program or something similar. Basically you hack it, tell them you hacked it, they fix it and give you props, and you move on. Instead they steal a bunch of emails...and could go to jail for it.

radphil4281d ago

" Basically you hack it, tell them you hacked it, they fix it and give you props, and you move on."

You forgot to mention that some of the props entails you into netting a job with them.

Sevir044280d ago

4 hours later and this isn't a million degrees on n4g and totally being blown out of proportion on every major news outlet online. what a surprise? -_-

madjedi4280d ago (Edited 4280d ago )

Well it's not hurting sony, so i guess it doesn't draw enough hits/user ratings.