PES 2008 vs. FIFA 08 – The Final Verdict

The guy who reviewed both FIFA 08 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 for Gameplayer has done a follow-up article that looks at how the two game shape up next to each other.

"So, it's time for the big match up. The managers have released their team sheets, set their formations and hit the paddock. Who has won the 2008 match up between the mighty FIFA and the brilliant Pro Evolution Soccer? We've now gone live with our reviews of the two games (which you can view here and here respectively) and have given the matter great thought. The last few years have undoubtedly been the domain of Pro Evolution Soccer, but in 2007, FIFA is no walkover."

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mighty_douche4012d ago

all the way. FIFA just doesnt seem to sum up the passion and feeling of football quite how Pro does.

plus Pro has what counts, the gameplay.

jromao4012d ago

and already ridiculous the number of articles trying to compare both games, when they are following diferent paths, EA money was used to buy licenses building a large database, nothing else, while Konami spend it year after year in the game itself.

Owner360-PS34012d ago

PES2008 gameplay kills Fifa away imo.

HydroBoy4012d ago (Edited 4012d ago )

they can say fifa wins the battle , but thats thier opinion the end of the day , there will be ppl that buy fifa or pro , & even both games ,n owaday ppl depend on score and what other ppl say b4 they buy thier games lol *sigh*

SlappingOysters4012d ago

yeah, FIFA wins the battle, but Evo is still winning the war.

andy0014012d ago

I played the demo of PES on the 360 and didn't think much to it to be honest, and the fact that it didn't have a commentary really let the experience down.

Playing the Fifa 2008 demo on the PS3 was completely different, and great fun. I didn't really notice any difference in speed or anything.

Still confused, although a mate has bought Fifi 08 for his PS3 so I may get PES so we can compare with the full games rather than the demo (when PES comes out in the UK that is)

SlappingOysters4012d ago

hey do you use optical cables on your X360. I noticed this weird thing with PES 6. When using normal stereo cables I got no, or faint commentry. But when I used optical cables I got the commentary as normal - you could try that?

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