Used games: The moral imperative of GameStop and consumers (Bitmob)

Russ Pitts argues that gamers devastate the industry through used purchases from retailer GameStop, but do consumers really owe developers and publishers anything?

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thebudgetgamer3020d ago

ever since there was a video game industry, there was used video game market. just like everything else you can buy used from couches to cars.

Th3 Chr0nic3020d ago Show
Th3 Chr0nic3020d ago

BTW there is a used market for nearly every product sold in the world but only the games industry has the right to bitch and moan about it. greedy mutherfuckers like bobby cocklick

coryok3020d ago

gamers arent devastating the industry, gamers are the only reason the industry exists, without us there is no industry to be devastated.

Fox_Mamba3019d ago

They are just jealous of the money that GameStop makes. They want a piece of the money, because of the success. The game developers made their profits, now they want a piece of every dollar that game can makes. Forever making royalties? I hate that they try to take my right to own a game aka (EA) and charge additional $10 to play online if I decided loan the game to my bro. I rather get something back from a $60 dollar game then nothing from digital downloads, like trade or cash. Make your own damn GameStop store if you don't like it and want more money.

Rocket Sauce3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I've read that Gamestop gives out free online passes with used copies of Mortal Kombat...that's hilarious.

persistentlobster3019d ago

Ok, so if he can't see the difference between selling used beanie babies and selling used games then he's absolutely retarded. I hardly doubt the beanie baby company is in jeopardy because of too much after market. And I'm not as much blaming the resale market as i'm blaming the consumer for seeing a used game for a marginally lower price than a new copy and buying it just to save a few bucks. And if you do buy a used game that you turn out to really respect/appreciate, then at least have the courtesy to purchase the dlc to give the developers somewhat of a thank you. Sorry, but being in a band has made this a rather touchy subject for me because most people apparently aren't willing to spend $10 on cd's anymore either. God I hate how entitled consumers feel.

cliffbo3019d ago

it is your legal right as an owner of any physical product to re-sell that product to anyone as long as you do not copy the said product.

this means gamestop and similar companies are legitimate businesses.

persistentlobster3019d ago

Yes, and i'm not saying that it should be illegal. All that i'm saying is that people should be conscious of the harm they are doing to developers when they decide to purchase a used game for say $50 or $55 when they could pay an extra $5 or $10 and have that money go strait to the developer. It's a matter of morality, not a persons/business' right.

persistentlobster3019d ago

haha hells yes! people still by vinyl too holms.