The Silver Lining of PSN Down Time No one can argue that these last few weeks have been hard on PS3 gamers. There is no word on exactly when the PlayStation Network will be back up, and it sucks that we can’t hop online to play with friends or download the latest games. However sooner or later the PSN will be up and running again. I believe that there are some positive aspects, or a silver lining if you will, to any bad situation. So despite this being a dark time for games, here are some good things we can take from this otherwise bad experience.

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Sidology3021d ago

the silver lining also means that sony can no longer have my money.

DragonKnight3021d ago

I'm pretty sure you won't be missed.

But hey, the green machine loves to chow on user green, so have fun.

Stephen55433021d ago

Better then having the "Green machine" easily accessible for people to steal your information and have them potentially spend unwanted "green". Be angry at either system for whatever reasons. You get what you pay for.

ReservoirDog3163021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

@ Stephen5543

Well you can't say that anything's really safe can you? If a hacker wants to get in anywhere, and they're decent at what they do, they'll get in.

I would hope this just ends though. It's very possible for them to hack anything now that they proved they can.

edit: @ below

Wasn't it misinformation that they were running outdated stuff?

And don't get me wrong, sony messed up in the end. Especially for keeping us in the dark for the past week or so. Wake up everyday and check if there's new word from sony and it's more articles saying what they think is happening.

And MS does have a lot of experience with hackers being on the pc for years but windows is pretty full of potential risks at any time. Just say.

And for the record, I'm really not a sony/ms fanboy/hater. I really don't care enough for that. Just setting that straight in advance.

Stephen55433021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I agree, nothing is safe, but it didn't help that Sony was running stuff out of date. It's very possible that Live could get hacked at some point, but I'm pretty confident that Microsoft does everything they can to keep it secure. I never thought anything about Sony, but I definitely don't trust them anymore. Which is unfortunate, I know.

Edit @edit above: Last time I checked it was misinformation that it was misinformation about it being out of date. (i.e. Story about it being out of date, then story about that story being wrong, and then a story that proved the previous story wrong) Too lazy to look it up, but I might later.

And yeah, I didn't take you to be a fanboy. Nothing you said seemed to be blinded by fanboy love, and yeah MS is definitely not perfect by any means.

ReservoirDog3163021d ago

Haha, that makes sense I think. Must've missed it.

Well, +bubbles for a calm conversation. With some people, that could've been bloody.

Stephen55433021d ago

+Bubble right back at you for the same reasons.

DragonKnight3020d ago

@Stephen: So let me get this straight. You aren't sure if a story that says the story that proved Eugene Spafford wrong actually exists, and yet you insist on standing by your "Sony's protection was dated" post?

Live is no safer. That's just a fact.

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IdleLeeSiuLung3021d ago

The silver lining is that there is now proof you can't trust Sony's security.

DragonKnight3020d ago

You can't trust any online security.

joab7773021d ago

I'm guessing they really didn't ever get you're money before cuz otherwise u wouldn't make such a comment. Go play your Xbox. Ill wait a few days, then ill jump all over the exclusives Sony has this year. will you. You will forget that Sony was attacked, and rebuilt a secure site, then you will buy infamous, or resistance, or twisted metal, or la Noire, or...

Who3021d ago

I myself have been playing a bit MGS4 lately. No matter how many times I play that game, I still have fun with it. Lots of variations to play with such as stealth on/off, use lethal/non-lethal weapons, go rambo on their asses, don't use any weapons at all, cqc, hold-ups, drum rolls, set traps, face camo's, costumes, gain rebel's trust, kill rebels OR gain rebels trust then kill them, lol.

Fun times.

Prototype3021d ago

This part of the article I like the best:

"You’re spending $60 on a game, so immerse yourself in all of its aspects and get your monies worth, instead of spending all your time playing the competitive modes. That’s how I think about it anyway."

That's one thing that bothers me the most about certain players; they buy a new game (with some type of multiplayer aspect), and spend more time killing people than actually playing the story mode at least. I've known people who played CoD for months/years online and never even touched the single player.

Personally I see the single player as a way to experience the story, beat the game, then it's some type of "preparation" for the online side of things. One thing I did learn from PSN being down; there's certain games I wouldn't have even tried to finish 100% because I'd be too busy joining someone elses games or logging into home/video chat to hear the latest drama.

nolifeking3021d ago

So true my man. A friend of mine would always buy COD and Halo, so me not having the games or a 360 would ask "So, how is the campaign?" I would always end up hearing "never played it, went straight online. By the way, what is a campaign?". I was always flustered by this because I was always of the school that single-player was the main attraction while the mp was a great distraction. This gen has solidified me as an old man who yearns for the golden days of gaming.

Who3021d ago

"This gen has solidified me as an old man who yearns for the golden days of gaming."

You and me both. I'm not too old, but no matter how old you are, things seemed much better in your youth and likewise, gaming was one of them for me.

The great thing about this generation is definitely the technology which allows us more realism with games but I feel it's missing that extra something that allows me to actually connect with the game.

I think mostly it's because we play with friends online now as opposed to being together in the same room, so you miss out on that bond during the struggles and triumphs during the gameplay. As a result, [for me anyway] the game tends to feel empty.

And now, it feels like 50% of the game is SP and the other 50% is MP[online] whereas back in the day, there was no online and the game felt much more complete.

wr3021d ago

my ass are you crazy I what psn runing again arghhhhhhhh

dinkeldinkse3021d ago

I almost forgot about how confusing the ending is, and then you add in Brotherhood. Seriously, Ubisoft needs to stop giving their writers drugs. They keep this up and one of the later installments will have a story that rivals Kubla Khan. The writers won't even know what the fuck is going on.

Who3021d ago

Yeah, it was confusing for me too, I even had to wiki it just get up to speed. I guess games are not as simple as saving the princess anymore.

Kahvipannu3021d ago

I'm still to play brotherhood, but I won't lie that I think the game would had been better with more "realistic" story. Still loving the first 2 games.^^

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