All 'Witcher 2' DLC will be free

NeoSeeker - A Q&A on retailer Gamestop's Facebook page between The Witcher 2 fans and developer CD Projekt RED yesterday revealed the studio won't be charging for any of the game's upcoming downloadable content.

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thekidq3017d ago

Thats one of the piggiest reasons PC is still relevant. Love my PC.

therapist3017d ago

as it should be, i may buy the collectors edition just to show the cdprojekt peeps some love...this game is gonna be so fuckin epic!!

cannot wait for it...took tuesday and wednesday off in celebration...yes i am a huge nerd:)

my only hope is that it is well optimized, i hope my sli 570's make this game purr like a silky smooth 60 frame per second kitten ;)

coryok3017d ago

and thats how dlc should be done